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Introduction: Another Step Toward a New Economic System

Chapter 1: Management in Transition: Bridging the Divide Between the Old and the New

Chapter 2: From Hierarchy to Enterprise: Internal Markets Are the New Form of Organizational Structure

Chapter 3: From Profit to Democracy: Corporate Community is the New Form Organization Governance

Chapter 4: The New Management Synthesis: Uniting Internal Marks and Corporate Community

Chapter 5: The Serving Enterprise: Relinquishing Our Grip on Self-Interest

Chapter 6: Knowledge Entrepreneurs: A Working Contract of Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter 7: Intelligent Growth: Balancing Ecological Health and Economic Process

Chapter 8: Continuous Change: Rooting the Organization Into Its Environment

Chapter 9: Inner Leadership: How to Handle the Coming Power Shift

Chapter 10: Managing a Unified World: Global Order out of Local Institutions

Conclusion: Drawing of the Power of Heritage