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Foreword by Ken Blanchard

Introduction: Bill Cosby


1. The Unguided Missile
2. The Performance Appraisal: About As Much Fun As a Trip to the Dentist
3. The Trip to the Dentist
4. Celebrate Success and Encourage Improvement
5. The Magic of Balance
6. The Importance of Timeliness
7. The Spirit of 2+2

A Special Message from Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut, Apollo 11

8. The Power of Focus
9. Getting 2+2 Up and Running
10. The Need for Specificity
11. 2+2: Take Two
12. The Integrated Follow-Up
13. Creating a Sustainable 2+2 Program
14. Epilogue: Two Years Later

Authors' Final Note

The Secrets of 2+2

Pauline's 2+2 Preparation Checklist


About the Authors