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  • Written by top researchers in the field of Human Resource Development
  • Uses real-world examples to make the research understandable
  • Helps practitioners solve complex practical problems that need the application of existing or new research
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Far too many people feel burnt out and exhausted because they're alienated from the work they do. They drag themselves through their day wishing they were somewhere else, doing something else. The result is lower productivity, high absenteeism, high turnover--and little chance for the kind of innovative thinking so necessary in today's competitive marketplace.

But there is an alternative.

Everyone has natural talents, talents that they enjoy expressing, talents that, when they exercise them, give them a sense of meaning and purpose. If you can discover what these talents are, and find a way to develop them on the job, you'll feel energized and excited to come to work on Monday. They'll be naturally productive.

For 20 years, Richard Leider has been helping people find their natural calling. Through four books (including the best-selling Repacking Your Bags) through his regular column in Fast Company magazine, and through his work with his consulting firm The Inventure Group, Leider has developed fool-proof methods for helping people become more effective and fulfilled in their work.

In Working Naturally, the first booklet in the Natural Productivity series, Leider lays out an easy-to-follow, four step process that anyone can use to discover and take advantage of their innate talents, abilities and inclinations. Working Naturally includes inspiring stories of people who have found new meaning and purpose in their jobs--sometimes just by changing the way they look at what they do.

"The key to putting our talents to work naturally is finding work we love to do", Leader writes. "Unfortunately, we can't know what we love to do just by thinking about it. We have to do it and see how it fits."

Working Naturally will show you how to find that work, and in doing so achieve greater success and fulfillment in your life.

Working Naturally's convenient format also make it a wonderful, energizing tool for sparking discussions in team setting.