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V 7:8 July 19, 2012
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BK Communiqué

"All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience."   

                                         -- William James


The Book: Leapfrogging: Harness the Power of Surprise for Business Breakthroughs 

Why Read It?
For author Soren Kaplan, breakthrough success is all about leapfrogging. Instead of fighting against uncertainty, Kaplan reveals how to use it to break down limiting mind-sets and barriers to change the game. Using his process, leaders learn to recognize and harness surprising experiences and events to create solutions that leap beyond the current expectations of customers and the competition. By highlighting specific ways to transform both good and bad surprises into unique opportunities, Kaplan encourages leaders to compete by embracing counterintuitive ideas, managing paradoxes, and even welcoming failure.    


Read an excerpt here and buy the book for
  30% off.
For media review copies, please contact Cynthia Shannon.
For academic review copies,  please contact Mike Crowley. 


Publishing News
In this issue of the Communique we explore the process of leapfrogging -- the way in which leaders use surprising experiences to their advantage and leap ahead of the competition.

For this issue, Soren Kaplan presents How Five Companies Leapfrogged over Their Competition.
Other News   

+ Midway through the year, Publishers Weekly reports on the top fifty bestsellers of 2012 (thus far).

+ Yes, it's true. Little, Brown paid seven figures for a debut novel from an unknown 27-year old Australian writer.

+ It's all quiet stateside, but over in the UK, Sony and Amazon are locked in an e-book price war.

+ Call if the 50 Shades Phenomenon -- Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is now scheduled for an "erotic makeover."

+ Competition for Amazon from another company as Barnes & Noble introduces Nook for Web.

+ An insider on the Pulitzer Prize Awards committee spills the beans about how winners are chosen.

+ Sadly, Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez's writing career is now over due to dementia.

+ Avant-garde literary website 3:AM Magazine learned the hard lesson about trusting the cloud when twelve years of archived articles were permanently lost from its online servers.

+ How much does a New York Times Book Review cover really matter anyway?

+ Hemingway wrote forty-seven different endings to A Farewell to Arms. And now you can see which one you like best.

+ And speaking of Papa, we now have the winner of the Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest.

+ So who will win the coveted title of World Book Capital City for 2014?

+ Have you noticed that young adults' reading has gotten a bit harsh as of late?

+ Ignore the noise -- here are the twelve statistics that really matter to digital publishing.

+ So what are the freakonomics of the 50 Shades phenomenon?



+ Free Excerpt from a New York Times Bestseller: The Amateur, by Edward Klein. Read an excerpt here.

+ Free How-To: Find 150 resources to help you become a better writer here.

+ Free Resources: Create your own favicon here.
The View from the Front
Beginning with this issue, we will include a new feature. Kylah Frazier, our Administrative Assistant who mans the front desk, is privy to all sorts of strange, wonderful, and disturbing things. And now she's going to talk about them.

For this issue, Kylah lists the five ways authors treat the receptionist when no one else is around.
Free E-Book (for 48 Hours)
For forty-eight hours, we are giving away e-copies of Infinite Possibility: Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier, by B. Joseph Pine II and Kim C. Korn, and you can download it here. In thanks for your loyal readership, this e-book will be available as a free download exclusively for BK Communiqué subscribers. But act fast! After midnight on July 20, 2012, you're going to have to plunk down $26.95 like everyone else.
We Recommend
Because the biggest leaps in innovation and products don't come from huge companies but from individuals and small groups, there's Kickstarter. See some of the most amazing products people are working on and help crowd fund their way into the marketplace. You may end up supporting the next Pebble (the most profitable Kickstarter project, receiving over $10 million in funding). Go!
Hot New Edition
The revised second edition of Positive Leadership has just hit the marketplace. Bestselling author Kim Cameron updates his first edition with new research findings and new ideas for implementing positive leadership and positive deviance -- leadership that enables thriving and flourishing rather than simply addresses obstacles and impediments. Go buy the book now.
End Notes

Last time, I issued this challenge. The first correct answer came from Christine Miller in the UK. The answer can be found here.

Our featured book on the myths of microfinance in the last issue provoked some strong responses of the "it's about time someone took notice" variety, like this one from Charles in Australia.

And your next challenge can be found here.

Email me with any comments or rants. And yes, it's a summer favorite, but seriously, how obsessed can you possibly get with watermelon?

And don't forget to support the Slow Book Movement.
                       Jeevan  P.S. -- this isn't real, is it?

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