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V 6:4 Nov 22, 2011
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BK Communiqué

"Well, I could be wrong, but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era."   

                            -- Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell)
                                Anchorman, the Legend of Ron Burgundy

Why Diversity Fails

The Book:
The End of Diversity as We Know It: Why Diversity Efforts Fail and How Leveraging Difference Can Succeed


Why Read It? Author Martin Davidson's book challenges one of America's sacred cows: diversity in business. The emphasis on common differences like gender, age, race, and sexual orientation is interfering with the ability to identify less obvious differences that have more impact on a business. And traditional diversity efforts often hinder the professional development of the very people they were designed to help.


The answer, Davidson explains, is not in traditional diversity initiatives, but in leveraging differences --  and in this work, he explains how to do just that.      


Read an excerpt here and buy the book for 30% off
For review and media copies, please contact Katie Sheehan.


Publishing News
Diversity Myths

In this issue of the Communiqué, we explore how traditional diversity approaches have proven ineffective and what works instead.

Traditional diversity initiatives based on gender, race, and other factors have functioned more as politically correct window dressing than as a strategic business initiative, though few people realize that. For this issue, Martin Davidson provides Five Common Diversity Myths Still Alive in Corporate America.
Other News   

+ Victorian intrigue grows with the suggestion that Jane Austen died of arsenic poisoning.

+ Bill O'Reilly's bestselling Lincoln biography was rejected by Ford's Theater due to inaccuracies and has now been trashed by a second expert historian

+ The Authors Guild is really not very happy about Amazon's Lending Library.

+ Mexico's largest university has decided to post online nearly all publications and course materials.

+ Of the Nook Tablet, the Kindle Fire, and the iPad 2, which is the greenest?

+ Arguably the most popular African author of all time, Chinua Achebe (Things Fall Apart) has rejected the highest Nigerian national honor for the second time.

+ Which literary figures make the great impacts on others' lives without ever coming into view themselves?

+ Now-defunct Borders owes Random House over $36 million. 



+ Free Excerpt from a New York Times Bestseller: Boomerang, by Michael Lewis. Read the excerpt here.

+ Free Book: Download The Freelancer's Survival Guide here.

+ Free Software: Take your desktop and programs with you wherever you go with Portable Apps.
Free E-Book (for 48 Hours)
For forty-eight hours, we are giving away e-copies of the bestseller Cultural Intelligence, second edition, by David Thomas and Kerr Inkson, and you can download it here. In thanks for your loyal readership, this e-book will be available as a free download exclusively for BK Communiqué subscribers. But act fast! After midnight on November 23, 2011, you're going to have to plunk down $24.95 like everyone else.
BK News Special
Some weeks back, BK President Steve Piersanti suffered a minor fit of insanity  which suddenly prompted him to turn away from the dark side (where he authored the now infamous list of The 10 Awful Truths About Book Publishing) and instead become more optimistic -- even presenting 10 Secrets of Berrett-Koehler's Success.

El jefe's optimism continues to grow unabated, and doctors still haven't been able to diagnose what happened. Steve continues his tirade with a new list: 10 Awesome Truths About Berrett-Koehler's Marketing.

The staff continues to pray for Steve's return to darkness, but it seems unlikely with each passing day.
Bonnie Blogs
I'm Bonnie Kaufman, Editorial Associate and Digital Community Builder (and admirer of multitasking cats). In honor of this week's Thanksgiving holiday, I share with you the 3 online communities for which this builder is most grateful:

1. TWITTER:  Have things to say but not sure who wants to hear them? Take a few lessons from BK authors who tweet!

2. BK COMMUNITY: Where else can you engage in thought-provoking dialogue and view candid pictures of BK staff and authors getting down?

3. INTERN BLOGS: Digital Community Building Intern (and UC Davis student) Michelle Evans's passionate response to the recent act of police brutality on her campus reminded me how our interns' blogs are every bit the historical documents that our books are.
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End Notes

Last time, I issued this challenge, and absolutely no one answered correctly (though more than a few authors were alarmed that they suddenly couldn't recall negotiating their book contracts with Steve Piersanti).

The answer can be found here. This challenge also brought out confessions from a number of newsletter readers about the (mis)adventures in their life, but nothing quite compares to Randy Peyser's story (with photographic evidence), which you can read here.

And your next challenge can be found here.  

Email me with any comments or rants as well as what you think of how today's 9-year-olds view the last decade.

And if you solved the impossible puzzle in the previous issue, prepare to have your mind blown by the McGurk Effect.


P.S. -- this isn't real, is it?
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