8 Best Sources of Information About Money Management


    Since the inception of the internet, money advice has become incredibly easy to come across. Good, trustworthy advice on the other hand can be harder to come across. Most financial sources aren’t the most exciting pieces of information, however money can be a tricky part of life and without good advice, smart money management can be difficult. To help improve your knowledge and money management skills, here are 8 of the best sources covering the topic both on and offline.


    Online Sources

    1. Investopedia

    Investopedia is the perfect place to head to if you don’t understand a term you come across in the financial world. The site has a variety of sections ranging from news to tutorials and of course it’s helpful guides and dictionaries. 

    2. Wise Bread

    Wise Bread is a blog-style site with a focus on personal finance and frugal living. The great thing about Wise Bread is that it harbours a community of everyday people, which means it provides great, practical tips on how to spend less and save more money.  

    3. Learn to Trade

    Learn to Trade are the leaders in Forex trading. Since 2003, they have worked to help people reach financial freedom through smart investments in the Forex market. Learn to Trade have a free eBook, “Forex Trading Your Essential Guide” but also have a range of workshops, courses and other resources to help you with your money and the Forex market.

    4. Credit.com

    By creating a free account on Credit.com you can get access to your credit score which is an important part of your money life. Your credit score affects your ability to borrow and will also impact on the interest rate you pay on loans and mortgages as well as the amount you pay for insurance.

    The site also has a host of information surround credit and loans.


    Offline Sources

    5. Loaded: Money, Psychology, and How to Get Ahead Without Leaving Your Values Behind Sarah Newcomb 2016

    This book is takes a human approach to money, realising that each individual has their own individual approach to money. The book explores the origins of individuals money beliefs while helping readers find their own relationship to money. It’s human-centred approach to money management helps to explain financial basics while challenging some conventions of money.

    6. The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business -  Steve Mariotti 2014

    This book originally came out in 1996, however it was updated in 2014 to include business advice for the 21st century. The additions see things like internet marketing, social networking and how apps can be of use to business make their way into the book.

    This is a great book for anybody looking to start and own their own business.

    7. The Total Money MakeoverDavid Ramsey 2003

    David Ramsey is an experienced finance writer who also hosts classes, workbooks, podcasts and makes media appearances. While this book was first published in 2003, it has been regularly updated with ways for people to improve their money situation and reach their financial goals.

    The book is essentially a collection of Ramsey’s advice, including tips on investing, saving, and increasing your cash flow.

    8. I Will Teach You to be Rich -  Ramit Sethi 2009

    I Will Teach You to be Rich is a great book for people just becoming interested in finance and investing. The book aims to break down the complexities of financial topics, giving the readers easy to understand tips that they can take action on.

    Critics have stated that his tips are too simple, however, in a world with variable interest rates, cryptocurrency and sky rocketing housing prices, simple tips can hardly be a danger. This book is a modern approach to earning and saving for the future.


    There’s a wealth of financial information both online and offline. Some of it is legitimate, while a lot of it can be misleading, unprofessional or simply false. Finding accurate financial information can be daunting but these 8 sources are the best places to learn about money management.


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