A Guide to ESL Book Publishers

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    A Guide to ESL Book Publishers


    Choosing the best textbook, tapes or CDs, computer software, or websites to use in connection with your ESL classes can be an overwhelming process, for oftentimes it is difficult to not only determine the right "level," as so many ESL publishers try to target specific ESL materials to so-called beginning, intermediate, and advanced groups of students that are vastly different in educational background, life experience, and language capability, but there are many other factors that come into play which range from classroom concerns such as available supplementary materials to practical issues such as price.

    High Prices, High Expectations

    To be sure, ESL textbooks have become increasingly expensive, and many professors and instructors will express concerns about the exorbitant cost for their students; however, I do not think that the percentage increase in the cost of textbooks is any greater than the steeply rising tuitions of both private and public colleges, so the logic used to suggest that the expert knowledge provided in textbooks is somehow less "valuable" than the expert instruction provided by teachers does not really compute.

    What Do ESL Students Really Need?

    The most important question that an instructor should consider when choosing the right ESL textbooks and supplements for their ESL classes is whether or not those ESL materials will help their students achieve the goals and outcomes set forth by the teacher, the curriculum committee, or whomever is in charge of deciding what is right for ESL students to learn within particular programs.

    Sounds easy, right?

    Let Publishers Play Their Part

    Whether an ESL practitioner is seeking a textbook for an ESL grammar class, computer software for a pronunciation class, or even some CDs for an ESL listening course, publishing representatives can provide vital insight, support, training, and expertise that can make a significant impact on the success of both teachers and students in the classrooms.

    Where To Get the Help You Need

    Continue to revisit this site as I regularly update where to find the best ESL books and materials for your ESL classes which focus on the following general themes:

    • ESL Grammar
    • ESL Listening & Speaking
    • ESL Reading
    • ESL Writing


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    October 12, 2017

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