How to avoid fraudulent essay writing service?

    How to know if an essay writing service is fraudulent?

    Due to hectic schedules and heap of assignments, students nowadays turn to essay writing service. These are the online writing services which provide students the assignments, essays, thesis, dissertation and other necessary academic writings. Here there is no question of whether it is legal to buy or not, the primary thing to worry is if all the essay writing services are trustworthy. Can they be trusted?

    Not all essay writing services are trustworthy.

    As mentioned above, not all essay writing services are trustworthy. There are several essay writing services which promise for the best service but end up cheating students. Here we present an article which will help in differentiating a fraudulent essay writing service from the genuine one.

    Top 5 points to note while checking if an essay writing service is fraudulent

    1.Essay writing services that ask for too much of information: The top point to be noted while checking if an essay writing service is fraud is to see that they do not focus much on confidential information.

    Fraudulent essay writing services give more importance to information such as credit cards, bank information than focusing on providing the service.

    2.Essay writing services that have limited information on the policies that they adhere to: Genuine essay writing service speak loud about their services through their websites.

    They share all the important policies that they adhere to along with set of promises as opposed to the fake ones. While checking for the information, the company’s policies such as refund policy, confidentiality policy etc must be noted down carefully.

    3.Essay writing services that have access to third party service: Genuine websites will always have their own chat service and customer service. Fake ones will, have access to third party source which will only make it look even more fraudulent. Such websites must be avoided.

    4.Essay writing services that offer too high or too low prices:  Fraudulent essay writing service always offer the service at a correct price; not too high, not too low. Fraudulent essay writing service either prices their service too high to encash money or they rate it too low to attract students. This must be neglected.

    5.Essay writing services that do not have sample writings: Sample writings in a website will prove if an essay writing is genuine or not. This helps in deciding whether to buy their service or not.  

    Which is the most reliable essay writing service?

    After knowing to differentiate between fraudulent essay writing service and the genuine one, here is a trusted website which will help the students to come out of the last minute panic. is one such genuine website which provides excellent service to the students.

    They have the expertise in providing essays, assignments, thesis, dissertation and other academic writing. Here are some of the striking features of Lifesaveressays

    Striking features of Lifesaveressays:

    1.Excellent write-up being provided since many years.

    2.Quality writers who the assignments on time.

    3.Standard formatting policies which they adhere to

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