Social media has become the fastest and most effective marketing tool in promoting anything people want to share with the world online.

    Social media has become the fastest and most effective marketing tool in promoting anything people want to share with the world online.

    The Internet has changed the way people conduct business, and social media is constantly fueling that drive to reach a larger, wider target audience.

    Instagram is starting to become a necessary tool in brand awareness and promoting a company’s message to current and potential consumers.

    People share everything from pictures of their family, pets, things purchased, travel adventures, group outings, and so much more that businesses are now catching onto the trend of Instagram and making it a part of their marketing campaign.

    Instagram was launched in October 2010 with a small number of users. After only two months of being a part of the online community, Instagram users grew to 1 Million and the website has continued growing since.

    Instagram is basically an online photo album where you can share your life with family and friends through a series of pictures you’ve taken with your mobile phone device. Then use any one of the app’s filter to create a unique effect to your image that you can keep forever.

    There is no cost to download and use the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play store on your mobile device. Instagram is free and takes a matter of seconds to sign up for an account.

    Once you’ve signed up for an account, start taking photos and uploading them to your Instagram account for your followers and the online community to see, like, and share.

    Local LA businesses such as the Lakers, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Public Library, the Kings, Los Angeles Magazine, and the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) all have an Instagram account to promote their business and keep their company image in front of consumers.

    Instagram may not seem like a big deal or necessary to use in your company’s marketing campaign, but with 200 Million monthly active users it’s a free avenue to continue promoting your brand and message for that next wave of new, repeat customers. Why should you choose to purchase real instagram followers and story views when it’s easy to get them through organic promotion? Well, the idea of purchasing followers for social media accounts is to save time, effort and get results quicker.

    Instagram Facts:

    • Over 65% of the Instagram community is located outside of the United States
    • 200 Million monthly active users
    • 20 Billion photos shared in total
    • 1.6 Billion likes and 60 million photos shared every day
    • Over 2,500 brands have joined Instagram
    • Nike (5 Million), Starbucks (2.7 Million), and NBA (2.8 Million) are the top 3 brands on Instagram
    • 88% of brands on Instagram have shared at least one video
    • The top 50 brands on Instagram have 1.5 Million followers on average
    • An average of 2 Million posts mention each of these brands on Instagram
    • The Car, Fast Food, Soft Drink and Apparel industries are most represented on Instagram with a 100% adoption rate




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