4 Awesome SMM Facts You Shouldn't Ignore

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    There is a lot to keep track of when you’re engaging in social media marketing.

    There is a lot to keep track of when you’re engaging in social media marketing. You might not want to know about even more things that are important. At the same time, there are a lot of extra little facts and bits of information that – if you can pay attention to them – will make your campaigns and your efforts far more successful.

    What kind of fact and figured am I talking about? Well read on and you’ll find out!

    Offline matters

    A lot of people engage in online marketing without considering the offline world. That’s not a good idea. Because it means that you might not be reaching people at the optimal time and instead are targeting your efforts for times of day when nobody is really interested in them. For example, let's say I’m targeting office workers. Lots of office workers have meetings. These generally start on the hour or half way through.

    So, if I release me campaign five to ten minutes before the hour, then if they’re early and flicking through their phones, then they’ll have a few minutes to read what I have to say. If instead, I go five minutes after the hour, then most people will be busy.

    This works for other places too. Try to hit up housewives after they’ve managed to drop off their kids and they’ve got a minute to relax. Similarly, target people at around 3 o’clock when many people are experiencing an energy dip and are easily distracted by what you’ve got to say.

    Your competitors have interesting things to say

    Yes, they’re the enemy. Yes, they should be burned at the stake for delivering far inferior products and being sleazy (and why do they all have such bad oral hygiene?). At the same time, you shouldn’t avoid your competitors entirely. You can learn valuable things from them.

    Seeing as they’re often thinking about exactly the same kind of stuff as you are, they’re bound to occasionally come up with insights and realizations that you haven’t yet. So steal them! I’ve found the best strategy is to look back a few months (or maybe even a year). They might have done something back then that was really quite interesting, but that everybody has forgotten about.

    That means it’s perfect for you to recycle. You can even learn from where they went wrong to put out a better product or campaign.

    Organic page reach is low

    Okay, it’s not exactly an awesome fact, but on most social media platforms only a small smattering of your followers will actually get to see the content you’re posting. Just as importantly, the number of people that get to see it is still dropping drastically.

    What that means is that you can put up content several times without having to worry that people are going to get too annoyed by it. After all, they’ll probably only see it once or at most twice.

    Still, don’t like the idea of putting up content too regularly?  Then space out when you reshare content. Wait a few days and repost it. Put some other content in between, whether it be about kittens or about fine translation services. Repost it at other moments in the day (particularly if your audience is international) in this way you’ll make sure that different people get to see different content and you’ll significantly increase the number of people that get to enjoy what you’re putting out.

    Original photos do better

    Some networks care more about image than text – like Pinterest, for example. If you can get content up on there then it can mean a lot of additional traffic. The only problem is that if you just use stock images, then you’re not going to get very far.

    So don’t use them! Instead, focus on making the main image of your story unique. That means, using your own images, or at least modifying images so that they appear original and fresh. In that way, they’re far more likely to be shared across such networks as Pinterest and thereby give you a lot more exposure than you otherwise might get.

    As an added bonus, using more vibrant and interesting image is going to help you be more effective on other social media platforms as well – seeing as most of us are visual creatures.

    Last words

    The social sphere is pretty straight forward, really. It follows the advice of Mark Twain, “Whenever you find yourself siding with the Majority it is time to pause and reflect.” This is not because the majority is wrong, but because when everybody is doing something, nobody cares. When people bought the first cars, people came from miles around to see them. Now, you have to buy a damn special car if you want people to notice.

    The same goes for SMM. If you want to be noticed, you can’t do what everybody else is doing. That will just have people scroll by you as they search for something interesting. So don’t let that happen. Try new things. Experiment. It’s the only way you’ll have a successful marketing campaign.


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