Excerpt | Seven Core Practices | Joseph Jaworski

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    Excerpt | Seven Core Practices | Joseph Jaworski

    The Seven Core Practices of Generative Discovery

    Adapted from Joseph Jaworski's Source (Berrett-Koehler, 2012

    1. Preparation. Undertaking a disciplined path of inner self-management.
    2. Igniting Passion. Making a firm commitment to pursue the inquiry, being guided by the intensely personal foreknowledge that the solution being sought exists as a hidden possibility.
    3. Observing and Immersing. Seeing reality with fresh eyes, suspending judgment and immersion in the existing data.
    4. Letting go. Releasing currently held mental models, mindsets, and worldviews; beginning a period of incubation.
    5. Indwelling and Illumination. Living in the undertaking, surrendering oneself to the work, absorbed in the experience; retreating, using the generative processes of nature as a portal to learning and new knowledge; and receiving illumination - the perception of a new reality, discovering the hidden solution.
    6. Crystallizing and Prototyping: moving through a period of crystallization and prototyping, making manifest what was discovered.
    7. Testing and Verifying. Transforming the new knowledge. Into useable products, decisions, or strategies.


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