Press Release | 50 Jobs in 50 States | Daniel Seddiqui

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    Press Release | 50 Jobs in 50 States | Daniel Seddiqui

    50 Jobs in 50 States

    A sample from Daniel Seddiqui's 50 Jobs in 50 States

    Alabama High School Football Coach

    Alaska Commercial Photographer

    Arizona Border Patrol Agent

    Arkansas Archaeologist

    California Wine Cellar Master

    Colorado Hydrologist

    Connecticut Insurance Agent

    Delaware Incorporating Specialist

    Florida Universal Studios Park Entertainer

    Georgia Peanut Sheller

    Hawaii Surfing Instructor

    Idaho Real Estate Agent

    Illinois Train Ticket Agent

    Indiana Racing Pit Crew Member

    Iowa Agronomist

    Kansas Meatpacker

    Kentucky Rodeo Announcer

    Louisiana Bartender

    Maine Lobster Fisherman

    Maryland Seafood Restaurant Cook

    Massachusetts Baseball Scout

    Michigan Auto Mechanic

    Minnesota Medical Device Mechanist

    Mississippi Dietician

    Missouri Boilermaker

    Montana General Store Clerk

    Nebraska Corn Farmer

    Nevada Wedding Coordinator

    New Hampshire Political Party Worker

    New Jersey Boys and Girls Club Counselor

    New Mexico Landscape Architect

    New York Internet Marketing Specialist

    North Carolina Model and Modeling Agent

    North Dakota Cartographer

    Ohio Meteorologist

    Oklahoma Roustabout

    Oregon Logger

    Pennsylvania Amish Woodworker

    Rhode Island Tourism Ambassador

    South Carolina Golf Caddie

    South Dakota Rodeo Announcer

    Tennessee Music Studio Technician

    Texas Petroleum Engineer

    Utah Humanitarian Service Worker

    Vermont Sugarmaker

    Virginia Gardener

    Washington Marine Biologist

    West Virginia Coal Miner

    Wisconsin Cheesemaker

    Wyoming National Park Service Ranger


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