The Realms of the Multiverse | Joe Pine

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    The Realms of the Multiverse | Joe Pine

    Concrete Examples to Describe the Realms of the Multiverse

    A sample of the ideas discussed in Infinite Possibility (Berrett-Koehler, 2011)

    Reality (Time, Space, Matter): A walk in the woods, a dinner out, a visit to the beach. (Do not interpret Infinite Possibility as a plea to abandon such wonderfully sensory experiences!)

    Augmented Reality (Time, Space, No-Matter): Using the camera in your iPhone to explore the world in front of you, such as to find the nearest restaurant that appeals to you.

    Alternate Reality (No-Time, Space, No-Matter): Kids using the SmartUs playground equipment from Finland’s Lappset to play digital games outdoors.

    Warped Reality (No-Time, Space, Matter) : Visiting a living history museum, such as Plimoth Plantation or Colonial Williamsburg, or any other way you play with time.

    Virtuality (No-Time, No-Space, No-Matter): PlayStation games, social media, virtual worlds, or any such experience you have on a screen.

    Augmented Virtuality (No-Time, No-Space, Matter):Enhancing your Virtuality experience with a Wii or with a Kinect, where the body itself is the material substance augmenting the screen-based experience.

    Physical Virtuality (Time, No-Space, Matter): Designing some physical object virtually, and then using a 3D printer to make it real, such as enabled by Netherlands-based Shapeways.

    Mirrored Virtuality (Time, No-Space, No-Matter): Experiencing a Major League Baseball game play out in real time on MLB Gameday.


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