The Voice of Innovative Service

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Chip R. Bell is a senior partner with the Chip Bell Group and manages the office near Atlanta. He is the author of nineteen books, including Managers as Mentors (coauthored with Marshall Goldsmith) and Wired and Dangerous (co-authored with John Patterson).

The Voice of Innovative Service

“What do you think sprinkles would sound like if they could talk?” my always-thinking-out-of-box granddaughter asked me over a mouth full of cookie dough. As any good grandparent would do, I turned the question. “What do you think, Annabeth?”

Without a second’s delay she said, “They would tell the cupcake, ‘Happy, Merry, Trick or Surprise!’” It was clear she viewed the expression of sprinkles to be an over-the-top declaration and decoration that combined the sentiments of all celebrative seasons at once.

Innovative service does to customers what Annabeth believed sprinkles did to a cupcake or cookie. It is not some predictable value-added gesture but rather an indulgent value-unique wonder. The goal of great service is entice the customer to smile. Innovative service aims to make customers swoon, giggle, and laugh—with a level of feeling impossible to forget.

Innovative service sounds like, “You’re not gonna believe…,” or “I can’t wait to…”, or “it was amazing….” It has the voice of glee and awe. The declaration of ecstasy and thrill. It provokes reviews laced with words like surprising, unforgettable, extraordinary, elated, thrilled, and miraculous. Instead of thinking about how to do more, consider thinking about what to do unique and different.

The voice of Innovative service is an overture before a miracle. It starts with the language of “what if” or “have we ever considered.” It ends with statements like “my pleasure,” or “you are most welcome.” In between are random acts of merriment done with the flamboyance of a treasure hunt. In the middle are whimsical gestures that lasso customers hearta and solidify their loyalty. Now, clear your service throat, stand up tall, and get ready to add the sound of sprinkles to your customers’ experience.

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