Bloom Where You are Planted

Christopher P. Neck Posted by Christopher P. Neck.

Christopher P. Neck, a prolific author and speaker, is Associate Professor of Management at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Someone once wrote:  “bloom where you are planted.

Someone once wrote:  “bloom where you are planted.”   With these words in mind, my family and I leave Blacksburg, VA on July 30th and will soon thereafter “plant” ourselves in Scottsdale, Arizona to “bloom” again.     I want to thank the tens of thousands of students who kindly took my classes during the past 15 years at VA TECH.    Thank you for encouraging me to be innovative in the classroom and for actively engaging me in class.   I especially want to thank my Spring 09 MGT 3304 class.  You were my last class at VA TECH and you gave the highest teaching ratings that I ever received at VA TECH.    My last semester here was full of emotions for me and thanks to this class for making it memorable.   In fact, thanks to all my classes for the memories.  If I can ever assist any of you in any manner, please email me or call.   I mean that!    I encourage each and every one of you to “bloom” wherever your lives may take you.

I look forward to teaching large Management classes at Arizona State and if you are ever in Tempe Arizona, please come sit in on my class.  You are always welcome.

Ignore the critics.  Live your dreams!