True Uniqueness can’t be bought

Christopher P. Neck Posted by Christopher P. Neck.

Christopher P. Neck, a prolific author and speaker, is Associate Professor of Management at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Halloween was a few days ago.

Halloween was a few days ago.   A week before Halloween my two kids were talking about how their costumes were not that great and how their friends’s costumes were going to be something special.   I told them that anyone could go to the store and buy a fancy costume or get someone to make them an extravagant costume.

I continued that to be truly unique in life is not a function of the clothes you wear or how long you wear your hair.   To be truly great and unique involves doing something different and better than others NOT wearing something different like a costume.   My son said, “like making good grades in school?”   Exactly.

Anyone can get a crazy haircut or buy something at a store to be different.  But very few are willing to work hard at developing a unique skill or product or service.    Remember, true uniqueness can’t be bought.

Ignore the critics.  Live your dreams!