Why? Because I could!

Christopher P. Neck Posted by Christopher P. Neck.

Christopher P. Neck, a prolific author and speaker, is Associate Professor of Management at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Today I set a personal best for running.

Today I set a personal best for running.  I ran 33 miles today.   Why?  Good question.  My simple answer is “because I can”.   I woke up needing a challenge today and I got on a treadmill.   Many hours later, I had set a personal record for miles on a treadmill at one time.   Some may call me crazy, odd, sick, obsessed.   Perhaps the labels fit.  Perhaps not.  I’d like to call myself driven, focused, and determined.

Some people need “event goals” to run every day and to stay motivated.  I run for the pure enjoyment and challenge each day…..not to train for some future event.  I call it “goal less” running.

Now back to today’s run.   It was not planned, it just happened…….I started running and the further I ran, the closer I got to a personal record and I told myself I was too close to stop.

My question to you is “what challenge will you conquer today”?  Perhaps it’s not 33 miles running but maybe something that you know you can do but you just have not found the time or courage to do.    Running a certain distance?  Quitting something that is not good for you?   Starting something new?  Ending something old?   Perhaps my personal record today will motivate you to accomplish your personal challenge?  I sure hope so!

Ignore the critics.  Live your dreams!