The Solution to Your Storage Problems : Without Cramming Everything into The Attic


    It’s the same thing every year: you end up standing in your attic looking at a mountain of stuff that’s collected between you and your holiday decorations. At least, you think your decorations are back there, somewhere. You might have put them in the garage or basement instead. All three are equally impassable, so you can’t really tell. Fortunately, there are several storage units near you available to get rid of.


    1.) A Really Big Yard Sale. 

    Get everything out of the attic, set it up on tables on the front lawn, and sell it. Consider doing the same thing with all the stuff that’s lurking down in the basement, too. If your garage has reached the stage where you have to pull your car out in order to get to anything in it, consider selling everything (except the car) there, too.

    Sure, it’s not a perfect solution. You kept all those things because you want them or need them. Just grit your teeth when you sell your grandmother’s china. It’s for a good cause.


    2.) Get Someone Else To Store Your Stuff For You.

    Here’s how it works: get a few (big) boxes and put as much of the stuff that you were keeping in your attic in them. Then, take a couple of boxes at a time and show up on the doorsteps of every friend and relative you have. Beg them to keep just a couple of boxes for you “until you have the space” to store them yourself. Just make sure you make an inventory list of where you left what, so you know where to find things again when you need them.

    Oh, and do not to call and ask them first before you show up. They probably have their own storage problems, and it will be harder for them to tell you “no” when you’re standing right there in front of them.


    3.) Shut The Door And Try Not To Think About It.

    Just step out of your attic, and shut the door. It’s easier to just go buy new ornaments right now. You’ll try to find the old stuff next year.


    4.) Get A Storage Unit.

    Recognize that you have a problem. It isn’t that you have too much stuff; you just don’t have enough room to store your stuff. Now, find a self-storage facility and rent a storage unit. Then, start clearing out your attic, basement, and garage a little bit at a time, until you can make sense of where you are keeping what.

    Self-storage units offer a wonderful and practical solution for your storage problems. They give you the space to keep the clutter in your attic (and garage, and basement) under control. When you rent a storage unit, you get the key, and you pay the rental fee monthly.

    The costs of a storage unit depend on several factors: how big the space you rent needs to be, and if you need any special features on your unit. Some facilities keep all their storage units in an open area, but there are places that offer inside units as well. You can even find climate-controlled units if you’re worried about any damage to your things from heat or cold. Unlike your basement, the units are also water-proof, so your things won’t get any water damage.

    Usually, there is an additional lock on the outside gate of the facility, which gives you extra protection against theft. Most facilities have someone on duty to let you in and out of the storage area during daytime hours, and give you instructions on how to open the outside gate on your own if you need to get to something during the evening. That way you have access to everything you’ve got in storage, anytime you need. 

    If you have bigger storage problems, like trying to figure out where to put your boat for the winter, there are facilities that offer storage space for boats and cars as well.

    When you find yourself dreading the prospect of finding anything in your attic, garage, or basement, it’s time to get a storage unit. You don’t have to get rid of anything you want to keep, and you can reclaim some of the space in your home at the same time.