A complete Guide for Iran domestic buses

    If you wish to travel on budget and you would like to explore and enjoy sightseeing even more, taking Iran domestic buses to different cities and destinations could be a very good idea. Travelling by bus in Iran is cheap and also very convenient.

    How to Inquire the Departure time?

    There are two ways to inquire the departure time of Iran domestic buses. You can either call the offices or check the websites of the Iran domestic buses manufacturers. The staff who work in the offices are usually able to speak English but it might be a better idea to ask or employ a Persian speaker to make the inquiry on behalf of you. There are several Iranian domestic bus companies in Iran and if you wish to get bus tickets in Iran and plan to leave from one city to another, such as Tehran, Qazvin, Tabriz, Hamadan, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Mashhad, you can easily find Iranian bus tickets within two hours or less.

    How book a bus ticket in Iran?

    In order to book a bus ticket in Iran you can simply do so via bus company websites which will save your time and may let you buy tickets at discount or you can book bus tickets at travel agencies. Here at 1stQuest you can book bus tickets to any desired destination in Iran. To do so, visit the website, enter the date and places of departure and arrival. Click on the search button to see a list of available buses. You can choose the best option after seeing the provided information. You can fine information such as date and time, type of bus, company name, seats available for passengers and price as well. After choosing the vehicle you wish to take, enter the required information and then pay online. After that, you will receive an electronic receipt which contains your ticket number. You need to remember that the booking process will be finalized only after you receive the ticket number.  

    Before departure, refer to the bus company’s office, give your ticket number and get your ticket printed. It’s important to know that you will need the printed ticket once you get on the bus. No other document will be needed except for your printed ticket. It may be a good idea to carry your passport as well, just to make sure you will not face any problems as tourists.

    Is it safe to travel around Iran by bus? (vehicles and driving)

    There are many people traveling by Iranian bus every day. Traveling by bus in Iran is pretty safe. All drivers in Iran are obliged to obey rules and follow the regulations. Moreover, the records are constantly checked by highway patrol aka (Police-E-Rah) and speed cameras on most roads help police to stop those who disobey. If you find any driver over speeding, you can report it to police at police stops. Remember that it is necessary for passengers to wear seatbelts all the time.

    How to get to bus terminals

    Unlike airports, Iranian bus terminals are usually easy to access as they are located in the cities. You can always get to terminals using public transportations. There are different kinds of public transportations in Tehran including “metro” and “BRT” that will help you get to terminals. They are fast and are considered as cheap means of transportation in Tehran. Cheap bus tickets and subway fare and the fact that they are easy to take are the reasons they are preferred means of transportations among most people. Other than Tehran, in major cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad and Tabriz you can use Online services like “Snapp” or “Tap30”, etc. to get to your destinations. These applications work like Uber, they are reasonable in terms of price and you can simply use online maps to show your destination. There Taxi stations near bus terminals as well if you wish to take taxis. But remember that it is necessary to carry cash in Rials on you because the drivers will not accept foreign currencies such as euros or dollars. Also remember that locals will gladly help you find the terminal so feel free to ask local people as well.

    Traveling with bus; pros and cons

    Generally travelling by bus in Iran has some advantages. Iranian buses travel almost everywhere, they are cheaper than flights and trains, the roads are safe and the buses are in standard situation and you will experience a comfortable trip. Depending on what class of bus you take, you can find very good facilities. For instance, they have entertainment system by which you can watch Iranian famous movies. But the bad part is that most of the time, they do not have English subtitles. Bus chairs can easily recline which will help you sleep in a more comfortable position. If you take VIP buses in Iran, you will have more room to sleep on your chair or stretch your leg.

    Buses may be much slower than planes or some trains but you get to enjoy the scenery and beautiful landscapes while you are on your way. Those who wish to read during the trip shouldn’t expect English language newspapers or magazines. Wi-Fi is not available on Iranian buses. So if you need an internet connection, it is suggested to get a SIM card before you decide to travel by bus.

    Tehran terminals

    In large cities like Tehran, there are several bus terminals inside the city so it is necessary to know which terminal your bus leaves from. Tehran has three bus terminals: Jonoub Terminal (south), Beihaghi Terminal (Argentine), Gharb Terminal (West). Isfahan and Shiraz also have more than one terminal but they are easier to find compared to the ones in capital.

    The south terminal aka Jonoub Terminal is located in a metro station (Line 1) with the same name. Beihaghi Terminal is located near Argentine square. In both terminals, you will be able to find connections to all major cities. You can easily get to Beihaghi Terminal by a short taxi ride or BRT line to Mosala Metro station.

    Buses coming from Armenia or Turkey, will stop at West Terminal aka Gharb Terminal once they get to Tehran. This terminal is located next to Azadi square. In order to see which terminal you should go to based on your destination, you can simply ask the staff at bus company offices, ask locals or ask your hotel receptionist to do the job for you.



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