How to Purchase the Best Drumsticks

    There is nothing much about drumsticks. However, there is information that you need to have in order to pick the right size and model for your music needs. If you are interested in the purchase of drumsticks, the question you might be having is which kind you should go with. There are so many factors that go into the choice of a good drumstick. The following shopping tips will help you pick the right drumstick for your needs.


    Decide on the wood

    One thing you need to understand about the drumsticks is that they are not all made of the same material. They are made of hickory, maple or Japanese white oak. There is also the laminated birch which is slowly gaining popularity in the market of drumsticks. The point you need to understand is that different materials will have different feels when playing your drums. This is because different materials have varying transmits and absorb vibrations differently.


    • Hickory

    This is definitely the most common drumstick you will find on the market. It is well rounded wood and favored because it is flexible and for its impact resistance.


    • Maple

    When compared with hickory, maple is lighter. As a result, it allows for a larger diameter feel without adding weight. It is also softer as well as stiffer. One thing you will notice with maple drumsticks is that they sound brighter and sweeter on cymbals and drums.


    • Oak

    This wood is denser and heavier. The best thing about it is that it transmits more vibrations. It is also more durable when compared to hickory and maple. The main downside ofthis wood is that it cansplit without any warning. Because of its weight, it will give your drums a bigger as well as darker sound. The cymbal sounds are big while at the same time brash.


    • Laminated birch

    This drumstick is made using the birch plywood. The drumsticks are usually durable and very heavy. They will generate deep sounds from cymbals and drums.


    In addition to the aforementioned materials, it is good to note that there are some companies that offer exotic woods as well as carbon fiber sticks. Don’t be surprised to also find nylon sticks.


    Select the material

    When it comes to the purchase of the best drum sticks, it is imperative that you select the right materials with care. This is more so when it comes to the tips. You will find tips made of nylon, derlrin or wood. The nylon tips have been known to sound brighter when used on cymbals. They are also more durable because they don’t chip or develop soft spots. Having a lighter tip will lead to faster rebound, which will cause your drum to speak much easier. Some companies use Delrin in place of nylon. The reason for this is because Delrin is considered to be more durable. With the wood tips, you will get a darker contact sound and less articulate sound on the cymbals.


    Choose a shape

    The drumstick tips are available in a wide range of shapes. Each shape produces its own unique sound. Common shapes include acorn, barrel, oval and ball. Each shape has its unique sound and comes in varying sizes. A smaller tip will produce an articulate sound whereas a larger tip will give a deeper and bigger sound.

    • Barrel tips –You will get a wide, flat contact surface which creates a strong contact sound. The sound is dark.
    • Acorn tips – These have the largest contact surface. They dampen contact sound thus creating a dark cymbal sound.
    • Ball tips –The contact surface is small thus the sound is bright.
    • Oval tips – This fall between ball and barrel tips.


    Pick thickness

    Still in the purchase of drumsticks, you need to pick the right thickness. The thickness will alter the sound. You can use two methods to determine thickness. First, you can go by the model number. A’s are usually thinner than the B’s which are thinner than the S’s. The higher the number is, the thinner the stick. 7A will therefore be thinner than 5A. The number is, however, unreliable because of the large catalog manufactures have. The second option of determining thickness is by considering the diameter.


    Lacquer coating or varnish

    Different coatings are used on the drumsticks and this affects the grip. Slide the stick through your fingers to determine comfort.


    Regardless of the brand you buy, prior to paying for the drumstick, you need to try it out first. Play with it a little bit to determine if that is what you are looking for. Try them enough to get a feel of the springiness, balance and weight.



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