How Application Based Attacks are Performed by Hackers

    Today, we are living in a mobile-dominated world where almost a billion smartphones are shipped every year. The most successful businesses nowadays are the ones that are adapting to this ‘app economy’ efficiently. This is because this has provided them with the golden opportunity to deepen customer engagement and boost new revenues in this constantly changing and evolving world. Where this world offers business opportunities, it also opens doors for hackers and other cyber-criminals to conduct malicious and illicit activity. The biggest reason for this is the fact that mobile app hacking is becoming faster and easier than ever.

    It takes only a few minutes for skilled hackers to get access to mobile apps and it is also quite easy, thanks to the wide array of tools available nowadays. Other than that, mobile app hacking has also gained popularity because as compared to centralized web environments, mobile apps are part of a fragmented, distributed and unregulated mobile device ecosystem. These apps have unprotected binary code that can be easily accessed, examined, exploited and modified by hackers. Once they have control of mobile apps, they can target smartphones of users all over the world and take advantage of them.

    When users install compromised apps on their smartphones, they are inadvertently providing hackers access to all the data they have stored on their devices. Through these apps, hackers can easily install malware in your devices. This allows them to manipulate your files in any way they deem fit. They cannot only make changes, but can also remove and wipe out your data altogether. The only way to ensure data loss preventionis to install trusted and reputable apps. While providers may try their level best to ensure that only malware-free apps are available to smartphone users, it is possible for some hacked apps to get through.

    Once they are on the device, hackers will be able to steal confidential information such as account passwords as well as sensitive data such as bank accounts and even personal information. This can later be used for conducting various illegal activities such as fraud and identity theft. Apart from this data, hackers can also make use of apps for keeping track of your location as well as your movements. They can assess your habits and daily activities, which can also be exploited for dangerous and illicit activities.

    Moreover, hackers can also use different applications for listening to incoming and outgoing voice calls and reading messages that are sent or received. This can also lead to exposure of sensitive information, especially if you work in a competitive corporate space. Other than that, the information obtained can also be used for blackmail purposes and can create a wide variety of problems. Thus, it is essential for smartphone users to be careful when installing any mobile apps on their smartphones. It is best to avoid using applications that require you to provide personal information and other similar details as this is just a new means of phishing. It is also important for email security. As long as you exercise caution, you can keep yourself safe from app attacks by hackers.


    It is becoming more important than ever to provide security-awareness training to people as this can play a critical role in securing information. When people are aware and prepared, it can be difficult for attackers to get unauthorized access to the network and to identify suspicious activities.


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