Some Unique Keyword Targeting Tips that Allow you to Get more Traffic

    One of the biggest mistakes that website and blog owners make is that they simply target everything pertaining to their niche when it comes to selecting keywords. Instead of trying for all, it is better for you to figure out the richest vein of gold and use it to your advantage. If you spend some time in identifying the areas of growth potential, you will succeed in making your website a great traffic machine that has high revenue potential. The ‘low hanging fruit’ of search marketing is discovering where your biggest increases of traffic and revenue lie. Once you know them, even small changes will be able to provide you with rich rewards.

    There are three top keyword targeting tips that can aid you in getting more traffic and they are outlined below:

    Gathering relevant data                   

    First things first, you need to understand what your audience is looking for. You need to be aware of the keywords and phrases being used by your audience to search for your business and its offerings in search engines. What is their intention when they initiate the search? Do they want to learn more about the product or just want to place an order straight away? The next step is to check when you are offering your prospects. Have you chosen the right keywords? Is your website optimized for the keywords or jargon they are using to search for you?

    The best way to find answer to these questions is through keyword analysis and there are various tools such as Google Analytics that can come in handy for this purpose. These tools can be used for finding keywords that boast a high search volume and are generating revenue. Making a list of keywords you have optimized for and one of keywords used by your potential customers can help you in identifying those you have been missing out on and eliminating the ones that are of no use. Other than tools, look out for top internet marketers for 2018 who will know exactly what you should be targeting.

    Prioritizing your targets

    You now have two huge lists of keywords related to your website and it is now time for you to get to work on sorting them out. As mentioned earlier, you have to separate the keywords that have the greatest potential of growing your revenue and traffic. When you have figured out the high-value keywords, you can start coming up with common variations because it is a given that they are in use by others so there is going to be plenty of competition.

    There is no harm in checking out the keywords your successful rivals are focusing on. In fact, doing so might help you in uncovering valuable keywords that you may not have thought to target.Here again, you can make use of tools. There are a wide array of tools such as that can provide you with thousands of keyword suggestions for any real user queries you might enter.

    Taking action

    Now you are armed and it is time for you to act on what you have discovered. The purpose of doing so is to get the highest possible return on investment. The action plan typically comprises of several steps that will help ensure you high rankings in search engine ranking pages and these include retargeting, personalization, topic marketing, content marketing, positioning as an authority or expert and niche specialization. When you take action in these areas, the results will start coming in really fast. Focusing on the right keywords for your business will bring in more visitors and this will boost your rankings, which again brings in more traffic and so the cycle will continue and the business reaps the profits.


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