Enhance customer experience at restaurants with digital signage

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    Enhance customer experience at restaurants with digital signage

    We have heard about many times – customer experience is critical in building brands but how does it matter in building restaurant brands? To find an answer to this question you must first understand what constitutes restaurant brand and what customers expect from it. Unless you can fathom customer expectations from the brand, you can never create strategies in brand building.

    The standard practice for building any brand is to uphold the product or service first and then build the brand image around it. When building restaurant brands, it would mean creating strategies that revolve around the food, which is the product in case of restaurants. Interestingly, it does not happen that way. A diner brand hardly has any connection to the food but is the total of various other elements - the décor and ambiance of the place, furnishings, employee behavior and the quality of service.  This means that place or venue turns out to be critical in building restaurant brands. How much people like the place determine the value they attach to it.  

    Aiming for enhanced customer experience

    The venue is primarily responsible for creating the foundation of customer experience. First, customers must like the environment of the place and then only they would feel like tasting the food. For impressing customers with the best experience, that facilitates brand building, more and more restaurants are using technology at the venues. For increasing the attraction of the place, restaurants are using digital signage as a platform for providing more entertainment to customers and keeping them engaged. Restaurants are now converting the TVs that used to beam news and sports programs into digital signage that enables rotational display of selected social media feeds, news, sports, weather reports, specials, restaurant menu board and much more.  To know more about how restaurants are using digital signage to serve their brand building endeavors keep on reading this article.

    The menu in digital format

    Displaying the menu on digital screens is an excellent way to increase its attraction and appeal. Restaurateurs know very well how important it is to create the highest impacting first impression for customers and by digitizing the menu board, they take the first step in enhancing customer experience. Not only are digital menu boards attractive, but it provides a lot more information than you can accommodate in printed menu cards. Moreover, there are endless options for presenting information in a variety of ways that catch the eyes quickly. Since the display keeps scrolling and sliding, customers can relax and scan through the necessary information taking their own time. If you are in a group, since all members view the display simultaneously, information sharing becomes easy.  

    Digital menu is ideal for displaying nutritional information that is sometimes a legal requirement at some places. The ability to edit content on digital signage instantly makes it most convenient to display menu changes as and when you desire. Changes done remotely are applicable across all locations. 

    Creating better customer engagement

    In the digital age, people are living life at great speed. They are so much used to quick information sharing that when they see a restaurant equipped with digital signage, they know that it is the right place for them that supports the speed they enjoy in life. They start liking the place, which they feel capable of delivering a better experience. The features of customized communication and information sharing through digital signage have broken the barriers between customers and restaurant owners who are now much closer to each other.  Customers come to know about upcoming events and occasions at the venue as it flashes across the digital signage and they find enough reasons to stay firmly engaged with the place.

    Social media feeds on digital signage

    One way of offering a better experience to customers at restaurants is to create facilities for broad scale use of the social media that the public can share on the large screens of digital signage. People are so crazy about the social media that they welcome the move of public sharing of live feeds on the big screen with open arms and in the process spend a longer time at the venue.   Restaurants stream live posts of customers on the signage screen that captures their activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other channels. It serves the dual purpose of entertaining clients and using the opportunity for brand promotion as you can use your social media access to interact with customers, right at the time when they are present at the venue.  By weaving advertisements into the display, you gain mileage in brand building.

    Display upcoming events to promote business

    Saving on the cost of separate publicity, restaurant owners are using digital signage to announce upcoming events and occasions they host. No additional publicity cost is involved because the restaurant staff is trained and capable of creating content for digital signage. By using the capabilities of instant content creation, restaurant owners create a special welcome message for guests attending special occasions like birthday parties or corporate events. Creating exceptional graphics to celebrate the occasion is an excellent way of touching the hearts of guests. The care and concern for guests expressed through the graphics go a long way in creating a better relationship that enhances brand value.

    Create brand value

    The aesthetic appeal of the venue gets a boost by installing digital signage that tells about the urge of restaurant owners to stay tuned with times. The digital atmosphere is what customers of the digital age like most and they are likely to spend more time at the venue. This would obviously translate into better business. For getting closer to customers, innovative ways of using the digital boards is what restaurant owners are working out. As the visual appeal of the place enhances, it automatically leads to better customer experience, which in turn pushes up the brand value.

    The digital signage is a storehouse of opportunities for brand building through improved customer experience. Just let loose your innovative capabilities in using the media that has now become the most potent weapon in the brand building. 



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    February 28, 2018

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