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    Integrating Instagram into Your Email Marketing Campaigns: Reaching Out to Real Customers Online

    We bet you are putting in a lot of time in your Instagram marketing plan. It is already one of the strongest marketing platforms on social media, and it is not wrong for all email marketers to feel a little envious of social media marketers. They indeed have it much easier with so many platforms and tools at their disposal. Social media marketers can post promotional videos, new photoshoots and get all the recognition. However, what about email marketing? Is it really ebbing?

    Email marketing is becoming a lot interesting with the integration of leading social media content. You can now integrate your Instagram content from your own account, influencer accounts and customer accounts to keep your newsletters interesting. It is time to integrate your social marketing into your email marketing scheme. It will easily double your reach and increase your profit margin. Before you can think about all the new investments and funds, let us tell you, it does not take much money either.

    How to make your Instagram marketing strategy count?

    If you have a brand presence on Instagram, you already have followers who like your work and your products. If you do not have as many Instagram followers, you can always use boosting tools to get new ones. Fame on Instagram is momentary. You may have a post with 1000+ reach but what happens when these people do not actually want to buy your products?

    Most Instagrammers are using their mobile devices while they are taking a break from work, waiting for their kids to come out of swim class, catching their breath during their gym or pilates sessions. They are not ready to buy from your brand yet! They are just “liking” your products for checking out later. Sadly, over 70% of the times, this “later” doesn’t happen.

    You need to make sure that it is easier for your Instagram followers to find your site and your products later on. You can do this in a couple of easy steps –

    • See who like your posts
    • Send them emails or newsletters about products they liked
    • Include a promotional offer
    • Include a live store link

    Now, this does not take a lot of funds. You can use integrated emailing services like MailChimp, Litmus, Cake Mail and Reach Mail. These are ideal for small and medium businesses, which are looking for a budget-friendly email marketing solution.

    Accelerating the sign-up process on Instagram for email campaigns

    You need a rewarding sign-up incentive and a secure, mobile-friendly sign-up contact form. Most email marketing tools like the ones we mentioned above have custom email and contact form generation services. It will get your Instagram followers to sign up faster. It can take some time, especially if you are new to Instagram. You may need a little help from your expert email marketing friends.

    In fact, we always recommend getting a little professional help during this stage. You can start with collecting around 20 to 100 email ids for your emails. The easiest way to catalyze this process – include a message like "sign up for 50% off on your first order" or something similar. Many brands even start off with freebies. Everyone loves free stuff and discounts. Your sign-up rate can go up by 300% in just one week if you can simply entice your IG followers correctly.

    You must remember, at this step, you should aim to get a higher number of email ids and not to complete a sell. Achieving a sale comes well after “the sending out emails with CTAs” step. Customize your contact forms. Include your brand colors and logos. Remove fields you do not need and make sure it is appealing to your target audience. To make the form visible and accessible, place the form link in your Instagram bio.

    Do you really know your customers?

    Knowing your customers will help you create a more efficient sales pitch. What kind of products do they want? What are they “heart”-ing on Instagram? What are their general interests? Knowing these critical things about your Instagram followers will help you target your campaigns and increase your ROI. The most cost-effective way is to include a small survey in your customer sign-up forms. Alternatively, you can simply employ analytics and metrics tools to understand your consumer behaviors. 

    It is not enough to simply create an email list sign up or create a new form. You need to treat your sign-up stage as a campaign. You need to tell people about signing up, and you need to offer them something in return. It is more of a clean barter; you give them freebies or discounts and in return ask for their contact details (email ids). It works for almost all small and medium businesses. Makeup, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle companies have been doing this for a while on Instagram with success.

    What should be your Call to Action?

    Include your Instagram post photos or videos in your newsletters. It will keep your brand more memorable, and it will help your potential customers remember what they once "liked" on your Instagram profile. Marketing for a brand requires consistency, and this is one way to maintain it throughout your campaign. Keep the language simple. Include a call to action in the form of a live link that will take your customer to your website. You can also include promo codes in your emails. It is one of the CTAs that ensure a high ROI even if you have a small marketing budget. 

    Getting your email marketing plan right on the first go is quite challenging. That is why we encourage all brands and entrepreneurs to keep fine-tuning the content of their plans. At the same time, stay focused on your current goals and set new goals for your brands in terms of reach and sales for the next couple of months. Always remember to generate enticing content to keep your audience tuned in for more. That is one way to stay out of spam too!


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