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    Making Use of Instagram Collections to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

    You might be looking for a way to organize Instagram posts that you have saved so that you may refer to them later. Every time you save a post on Instagram, it is added to a section of your profile that is private. To make it easy to find a specific saved post later, Instagram allows you to use create individual collections for organizing your saved posts.

    The following are some uses of the Instagram collections tool that you can take advantage of as a social media marketer.

    Monitor your competitors

    Instagram collections allow you to carry out research on your competitors without having to draw from your marketing budget. Identify local businesses in your niche that are successful on Instagram and save some of their best performing content to a collection.

    In addition to keeping abreast of your strongest competitors’ content, keeping an eye on your Instagram collections allows you to monitor and perhaps learn from how they communicate their content successfully. Collections can also be useful for comparing the visual attractiveness of your posts to those of your competitors.

    Streamline follower engagement

    Your follower engagement can be streamlined with the help of collections. Save to your collection mentions of your products or brand. Having all your mentions in a central location enables you to better monitor your followers and make time to engage with them. This works especially well when used with tools that offer free Instagram likes.

    Improve on how you manage user-generated content (UGC)

    Instagram collections are also great for keeping track of and managing user-generated content. It’s a good idea to create an Instagram collection of UGC for which you have obtained permission. This ensures that you keep in accordance with terms of service of the platform.

    For example, consider a case where a business that sells sunglasses is seeking to promote a certain design. An Instagram user posts a photo of a personal moment in which they are wearing the sunglasses design the business wants to promote. The user also tags the business in the post.

    The business can save the photo in a collection of similar photos and later engage with the user, perhaps asking them whether the business can include the photo in its marketing material.

    Be inspired

    Perhaps among the most straightforward benefits of saving Instagram images in a private collection is to draw inspiration from them. You will likely come across photos and videos that are in line with the sort of image you want your brand to project.

    After adding a number of photos in such a collection, you might more easily develop a sense of the type of content that you believe will best represent your business. From that point, you can develop a unique style for your business.

    The process of setting up Instagram collections is easy. You can start by creating a collection by going to your profile, tapping the bookmarking icon to go to the saved section, and tapping the “+” at the top right corner of the section to create a new collection. Whenever you save an item from your feed, you will get the option of saving them in a specific collection.


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