Top Travel Tips When in Amsterdam

    CAPTION: Amsterdam – experience its magic.

    Amsterdam is one of the best places to visit, so you really might want to consider as your top go-to place for you vacation. There are so many things to do and sights to see in Amsterdam. What’s important then is that you have a firm grasp of the important facts about Amsterdam so that you really get to explore the best that it has to offer, without forcing you to compromise on your budget.

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    CAPTION: Despite the magic, you still need to know the facts.

    1. First thing: when crossing the road, remember to look to your left, to your right, and repeat this entire process. This isn’t because of any reckless driving. You see, in Amsterdam, cyclists have (and enjoy) right of way. So, if you’re a pesky pedestrian, you’re likely to be shouted at or mocked if you block them in their way.
    2. Second thing (which is kind of related to the first): pay attention to the lanes painted dark red whenever you’re in Amsterdam. Those red-painted lanes may very well be the bike lanes that you must avoid at all times if you’re a pedestrian. You must be careful not to find yourself in these lanes. The unfortunate thing, however, is that the pedestrian lanes are colored in a similar shade of red. (Tip: To avoid all that, why don’t you rent a bike for yourself? For a city trip, it is convenient to rent a bike in Amsterdam.Go here
    3. Third thing: you must absolutely try the tap water. Amsterdam boasts of tap water which is clean and delicious. They usually don’t verbally offer this in restaurants, but you can definitely ask for it, and most of them will serve it for free. There are some restaurants that don’t offer tap water, though, so you might want to politely ask.
    4. Fourth thing: the offline version of Google maps is your ever-trusty best friend. This is perfect for those times when you don’t necessarily know exactly where you’re going, and you just decide to go for the most recommended place, and you need an idea of how to get there. In times like this, you to your friend Google. What’s good is that although you can ask for help from other people, it’s also really good if you can go a little independent and follow Google’s instructions for how to get there.
    5. Fifth thing: it is good to always have cash on you. Euro is the currency that’s commonly used in Amsterdam. It’s good to always have cash, because you don’t want to be caught up in a situation where you have placed all your purchases on the counter, armed with your credit card, and the cashier tells you squarely that they don’t accept credit cards. Debit cards are also of no use in Amsterdam, except if you have the Dutch kind. So come prepared, have a lot of cash on you. Happy shopping.

    In more ways than one, Amsterdam is a place worth visiting. It’ll feel like you never even left home.


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