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First Open Book Editions Titles Now Published

Johanna Vondeling Posted by Johanna Vondeling, President and Publisher, Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.

Johanna Vondeling, Berrett-Koehler's President and Publisher, joined the company in 2004.  Previously, she served as BK's Vice President for International Sales and Business Development.

First Open Book Editions Titles Now Published

Good news! The BK community of authors and readers is growing. Open Book Editions, BK's self-publishing partnership with iUniverse, has published its first six titles:

"The Road from Empire to Eco-Democracy," written by Gene Marshall (and friends), who also happens to be the father of BK's Vice President for Editorial and Digital, David Marshall. Fun to be keeping it in the family! In this title, Gene and his co-visionaries argue that, though vast changes are necessary, humanity can indeed find a vision and plan of action that is both satisfying and realistic. Their aim is to fertilize the fruitful imagination and courage it will require to walk the Road to Eco-Democracy. BK author David Korten has endorsed this book as "wise, insightful, forthright, systemic, and clearly written, with moments of special brilliance."

"Just Call Me Dean: And Don't Rain on My Parade," written by Florene Stewart Poyadue, is about her son, Dean A. A. Poyadue, a man living with Down syndrome, and his remarkable life experiences. The book hopes to encourage and inspire parents of special-needs children and create awareness of the struggles these families face.

"The Sergeant Major Syndrome: A Book for People Who Want to Advance..." written by Roy Jacques with Mary Hobson, is an essential guide for professionals who believe they have hit the proverbial “glass ceiling.” The book is a diagnostic tool and an action plan for people who want to advance their careers.

"How To Drop Five Strokes Without Having One: Finding More Enjoymen... by BK author John D. Drake, helps seniors develop awareness of how to adapt to the changes that come with aging, lower their scores, and get more fun from their favorite pastime.

"Journeys of Entrepreneurs: Stories of Risk-Takers Who Improved The... by Lee Rice tells the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who embraced disruptive change in order to deliver better products to customers.

"They Shall Bear You Up: Memories of a Catholic Priest" by Fachtna Joseph Harte narrates his journey to priesthood—from answering the call, to walking the roads with the Lord, proclaiming His kingdom, listening to Him in one’s heart, and going among His people with compassion and love.

These titles are all available for sale in print and e-book format. And many more exciting titles that help create "a world that works for all" are in the pipeline. Special thanks to the members of the BK Authors Cooperative, who have kindly invited all of these authors to join the co-op. If you or someone you know is wondering about self-publishing, consider Open Book Editions, or contact me at [email protected]