What is Role of Education in Cultural Development

    Culture and Education:

    When a child born in society he becomes the part of our society. Culture is the main aspect of any society that teaches to live with a mutual corporation with each other. Culture is the social behavior of any society which has their own trends and values. Every society has its own way of living life and lifestyle. Culture focus on the knowledge of ethics, norms, traditions etc. The success of any culture is based on modern inventions of the society. It plays a very important role in the development of the culture; both inter connected with each other. Education teaches about the social and cultural values.

    Education helps in the establishment of the schools, colleges, and universities. Education prepares the students for deals with cultural ethics and norms. There are many institutes and best education sites in India, which are focusing on culture development of education. Various elements of culture help the individual in adopting natural and social environment in a positive way. Each person of the society has his or her own behavior attitude qualities and mentality to perceive the world around. Education changes the perspective of the individual toward different modes of community.

    Purpose of Culture:

    • Culture always being used at a wide range in any society by the group of different people.
    • Culture always tell about to live the life happily without any fear.
    • Culture progress when the time change and keep forward with the passage of the time.
    • Culture always try to fulfill the needs of all people.
    • Culture give equal chance and opportunities for all the member of the society.

    Change in Culture:

    Culture is the social change of any character in society. When the child is born in any society after his birth, he learns the teachings of his parents and adopts it with the passage of time. Culture is transmitted from one generation to another generation because a child always learns the behavior of their elders. Culture is one of the most authentic that is learned in society.

    Advancement of Culture Development:

    After the advancement of modern inventions and technology, day-by-day new scientific methods are being used in the transmission of culture. Being the part of culture people need machinery, good clothes, transport for going one place to another.

    Culture also includes art music, customs, values, and the old tradition of our elders. And because of this advancement and invention, culture is changing and adopting new ideas to survive in the society. Culture also increase the economy and growth of the country.


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