Life is a complicated thing we should not try to understand.

    Life is a complicated thing we should not try to understand. So much joy today and so much grief
    tomorrow. Some people are even afraid of being happy because they don’t want to attract
    something bad to their lives. In other words, it is called cherophobia.
    That’s so silly of them to do so! We must enjoy every happy moment God sends to us. If something
    goes wrong, do your best as not to fall into despair. You may find something for your soul here as
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    Here is the list of 5 songs from Broadway shows that may help you overcome depression or sorrow:
    1. Hamilton: “Wait for it”. You may feel depressed due to death of your relatives. That’s life
    and such kind of pain is familiar to everyone. Remember, it just needs some time to get
    through it. Are you willing to wait for it? Listen to the song and you will find the answers
    for your questions. You can also buy the tickets to the show here:
    2. Les Miserables: “On my own”. Another reason for your depression may be unhappy love.
    You love her but she doesn’t return the same feeling to you. So-called unrequited love is
    common nowadays. It is not easy at all to get it out of your head though you must do it as
    not to suffer later. Remember: it is only in your mind and you need to deal with it on your
    3. The Phantom of Opera: “Masquerade”. People’s attitude may have a devastating impact
    on your mood. Someone’s words can spoil your usual way of life and undermine your
    confidence. It is the biggest mistake you should not commit. Lots of people wear paper
    masks and then life turns into a masquerade where everyone tries to protect themselves.
    4. Wicked: “Defying Gravity”. If you comply with the rules someone has imposed on you
    sooner or later you will be fed up with it. It will be the moment when you will want to defy
    gravity. Don’t listen to people who would try to ground you. That’s your way and you are
    the only one who can bring joy to your life.
    5. Dear Evan Hansen: “You will be found”. The feeling of loneliness is more dangerous
    than you might think. It shuts you from the whole world and you start to think that everyone has neglected you. That is so untrue. Just say a word across bottomless silence and you will
    be found. Reach out your hand and it will be firmly grabbed by your family and friends.