Negative thoughts can sometimes be a big impediment when you are trying to maintain a positive attitude.

    Negative thoughts can sometimes be a big impediment when you are trying to maintain a positive
    attitude. Don’t think that you are an isolated case, as everybody has negative thoughts. Nevertheless,
    the worst thing about these thoughts is that they always tend to occur in the most inappropriate
    situations. Your negative emotions can have a powerful yet negative impact on your personal and
    professional relationships. Therefore, learning how to manage them will do you a great service.
    Fortunately, there are enough efficient techniques and “tricks” that you can leverage consistently in
    order to overcome the negative thoughts. One way to do it is through writing, which was proven to
    provide you with a way of eliminating these negative emotions while helping you cope with them on the
    long run.
    In today’s post, we’ve prepared 5 writing techniques that you can take advantage of whenever you feel
    your negative emotions kicking n:
    1. Make a Double List
    Start by writing a list. In one column, write all the things that upset you or make you angry. In the other
    one, write all the things that make you happy. We usually tend to think about all the negative thoughts
    and forget about all the positive things that we already have in our life.
    Doing this exercise will offer you the chance of balancing the negatives and the positives. The next step
    is to focus on the positive aspects in order to experience immediate positive feelings. Do it every day
    and very soon, you will experience a complete change in your attitude regarding life.
    2. Write and Revise
    Take a piece of paper and write down what makes you anxious or angry. Get outside and take a deep
    and long breath. Now write down how your emotions have changed. This revision will help you
    understand the root of your problem, only if you pay close attention.
    Once all your negative emotions are on the paper, the brain considers them as dispatched, and you are
    free to experience something entirely new. In time, you will discover that most things that are upsetting
    you right now won’t upset you anymore in a few days. However, using this technique to express your
    emotions and revise them after might give you some insights on how to handle this kind of emotions
    more efficiently.
    3. Describe Emotions
    Describe your emotions as detailed as possible. This exercise will help you purge yourself from all those
    negative thoughts. While writing, make sure to be as concise as possible, and don’t let any detail slip
    away. Write with passion!

    Next time you are experiencing this kind of feelings, take a look at the description. Are you feeling the
    same way? If you see the same feelings unfolding, then there is a pattern. Use this pattern to study the
    root of your problem. Dedicate time to study yourself. The simple process of introspection is a great way
    of eliminating negative emotions.
    4. Write a Story
    Once you are home from work, take a piece of paper and start writing your story. You will be the main
    character whose task will be to solve a problem. The story must have a happy ending. Imagining yourself
    as a character which solves a difficult problem can give you a lot of insights regarding your personal
    Your imagination is closely related to your subconscious, therefore a simple story may mean much more
    than you might think. Use these stories as a mirror. Each time you write a story with you as its main
    character, try to find the truth in it. The story must have a happy ending because the mind doesn’t
    differentiate between the fictionalized you and the real you. This is how you train your mind to always
    look for a positive outcome.
    5. Let Out Frustrations
    When you are at the point of doing something that you will regret, don’t give in, and instead, take a
    piece of paper and let out all your frustrations. Write everything that makes you angry and write all
    those harsh words that were meant for someone else.
    This technique is similar to the third one, the difference being that after you’ve written all the negative
    thoughts, you will burn or throw away the paper. This is an exercise that will help you overcome
    negative emotions quicker and with less pain.
    All negative emotions are meant to be overcome, it’s just a matter of time or will. As you can see,
    writing can truly change your state of mind while helping you discover your most hidden problems. So,
    the next time you experience negative feelings, try using one of these techniques.


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