Goddess Laxmi Ji 24crt gold miniature painting

    This painting illustrates about Laxmi Ji and goddess is seated with totally blossomed lotus flowers. The laxmi ji painting is available in portrait size.

    Laxmi Ji is a well-known Goddess of both the prosperity and wealth.  This goddess is standing on an entirely-bloomed lotus flower. She is also holding an attractive lotus bud that stands for fertility, beauty, and purity.  The Cascades of the gold coins have noticed flowing from the hands of Laxmi Ji depicts that this goddess is known for wealth.  Goddess Laxmi is always debited wearing the red clothes with gold embroidery. The red shade symbolizes activity, as well as golden color, indicates prosperity.  Laxmi Ji is the great source of love, fortune, wealth, beauty, grace, and prosperity. Due to this, people want to place a beautiful painting of goddess Laxmi in their home and worship her.  The miniature painting of goddess Laxmi is ideal for several purposes. It includes decoration, festivity and much more.  The painting of Laxmi Ji appears as a magic of good luck.  This painting is well-known for its exotic handicrafts in an array of designs, use of rich, vibrant colors and intricate detailing. 

    Highlights of miniature painting

    The Laxmi Ji painting is an excellent painting that includes unique style and exciting design. Our talented and experienced artisans of this painting add lots of new elements in it.  This painting demonstrates regarding Laxmi Ji. Also, she has seated with pink-coloured and fully bloomed lotus flowers with the divine truth.  Apart from that, gold coins in this painting describe prosperity, wisdom, and light.  We use 24 crt gold and precious stones such as emeralds, pearls, and rubies that make laxmi ji painting more attractive and heart-grabbing.   Our artisans put their complete dedication to create this painting.  The goddess Laxmi Ji painting is consistently known for its surface richness, so the artists only durable and vegetable colors.  We finish this painting with embossed, standard and antique painting style.  The painting proportion of Laxmi Ji painting is about 3*4.  It is available in portrait size.

    Buy Laxmi Ji painting online

    The frames of this painting are artistic frames.  The artists use two different types of durable materials such as wood and gold to make this painting.  The 24crt gold painting includes a wooden frame that provides this Laxmi Ji painting an excellent look.  The sparkling and precious stones bring the painting aspects like dresses and ornaments an exclusive appearance.  The artists use a gold material to make the jewellery and arches of this painting that in turn gives a gorgeous classic look.  The Laxmi painting is captivating. This painting depicts Laxmi Ji as a restless, maternal and whimsical power that gifts many devotees with an abundant life. Our fully fledged Laxmi ji paintings are perfect for appealingly enclosing all pleasant memories. For buying innovative and most beautiful paintings of the goddess, hire us immediately. Moreover, we provide cultural art, Indian art, modern art and fantastic art to suit all needs and tastes.


    sambhav garg

    nice jai maa laksmi ji ki jai


    September 2, 2017

    kusum kumari


    September 26, 2017

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