What Are the Reasons behind Getting Too Much Popularity of Nectar Mattress


    If you’re a person who likes to relax with comfort and careful about your mattress, then you might hear about the nectar mattress. The nectar mattress is a burning issue in the mattress industry because it’s getting too much popularity over days. The people are becoming very interested in this mattress. Today, we’re going to inform you about this awesome mattress and what are the reasons behind getting too much popularity. Let’s divide the reasons into some points-

    1. Protection features:

    Did you ever have bedbugs in your bed? If yes, then you’re not the only one who faced it. Most of the American people face bedbugs in their beds. The typical mattresses don’t have any protection abilities to protect you against bedbugs. That’s why you face pesky parasites in your bed which is very annoying.

    But the nectar mattress is different than other mattresses. This mattress has the ability to save you from bedbugs and gives to protection against bedbugs. This is one of the biggest reasons for getting popularity.

    2. Four Nectar layers:

    The nectar mattress is made with 4 different layers. At first, you’ll find a 1-inch gel quilting foam layer. It provides you the best contour that you want from a mattress. This is a high quality and high-performance layer which is able to fulfill your requirements.

    After the first layer, there is a gel memory foam layer of 3 inches. This gel layer is highly effective to reduce your pressure points pain by distributing the weight equally. Additionally, the premium lush foam of this layer works well and absorbs the body heat of the sleeper and provides relief.

    The third layer is a ½ inch high-core adaptive memory foam layer. This layer is very expensive and works to provide optimal and proper contour to the pressure points and offers the extreme comfort.

    And at last, there is a 5 ½ inch breathing base layer. This layer is also designed newly so that it can draw fresh air easily and effectively through its special channels.

    3. Cooling Cover:

    The nectar mattress has “Tencel” cooling cover which has a multi-purpose working ability. It gives you protection against bedbugs, promotes the air circulation and controls the heat of the mattress surface to provide you the best sleeping environment in the world.

    4. Firmness:

    When it’s about the firmness, we like to say it in one word, wonderful! Let us clear it to you. The “Indentation Load Deflection” or “ILD” number indicates the firmness. The ILD number of the top 2 layers of the nectar mattress is 14 and 15 which means they are very plush and soft. On the other hand, the bottom base of the mattress shoots up to 45 to 55. This means you get the best firmness from this mattress.

    5. Edge Support:

    People usually look after the mattress dimensions. It’s really important to consider the dimension of the mattress to get the best support associated with your bed. But the nectar mattress has also edge support which is just amazing! It’s really impressing to get such a great edge support form a foam-based mattress. The edge support really provides extreme support which is very rare.

    6. Nectar Motion Isolation Capability:

    The nectar mattress has innovative motion isolation capability. You may compare purple mattress (another great mattress type) with it. These 2 mattresses have the same motion isolation technology. It isolates the motions and doesn’t let the motions to spread over the entire mattress. This feature helps to keep one side of the mattress calm while something is creating waves on the other side of the mattress.

    7. Compatible with Any Sleeping Position:

    The nectar mattress is able to provide you the supreme comfort of your every sleeping position; no matter how you sleep, side, back or stomach! The mattress is ready to support you the best anytime and any position!


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