www.Gmail.com : Guide to Create a New Gmail Account

    Gmail is no doubt one of the most used Email services all over the world. Any kind of work like Job’s call letter or registration details and even signing on a different website for collecting the data or files from their websites, the valid email id required. So with the change in IT sectors, the way of sending emails have become modernized.

    Gmail is basically the email service of Google. Google have wide approaches to many of the popular site like YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive which with your single login, you can access to all the Google's subordinate websites. Gmail have some of the awesome features that have driven many people attractive and providing them the best facilities for mailing and also receiving emails from the recipients.

    Apart from text, www.gmail.com can also be used for sending image, documents file like MS-word, PDF, MS-PPT or MS- Excel etc. So with these facilities, Emails are being used even in educations too; example when a teacher have a class note, he can immediately send the notes as documents and share to all the students having the Gmail account. Create Gmail Account.


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