Test Your Website’s Landing Page Before You Go Live

    Want to attract more traffic towards your website to grow your business like never before?

    Of course, yes, right?

    Then test your landing page in a perfect manner and don’t leave even a single flaw that can take away your potential customers. The landing page is something that leaves the first impression on the customer, so it should be perfect. Testing them thoroughly is the best way to attract more visitors and turning them into customers. So in this article, we will try to cover all important factors about testing landing pages. 

    1. Importance of landing page for a website.
    2. Why should we test a landing page?
    3. What is the importance of testing your landing page?

    Above three points will clear all of your doubts about the landing page. Let’s begin with some basic understanding of this topic.

    Importance of landing page for a website.

    Companies spend a lot of time in building a fully functional website. They take care of UI design, UX design and other aspects to get a wonderful outcome. But many of them don’t prefer to test the landing page before making it live and this becomes a major reason for not able to convert the visitors into leads.

    It is necessary to test that how your user will feel once he/she lands on your page the very first time. A tried and true practice named as A/B testing has helped many companies and marketers to target the potential customers in a better way.

    Why should we test a landing page?

    Testing a landing page is essential because it’s a page that impresses a user as soon as they visit their website.

    There are a few essential elements that should always be on your list while testing a landing page. Here is a short list of those elements;

    • Keep the headline highly responsive and eye catchy- Basically the heading of your landing page should express your purpose of existence and the core function of your products or service.
    • Keep the main images or photos focusing your main motto- It will be great if you show the specific product or service you deal with. People should know what your brand is all about as soon as they come to the landing page.
    • Don’t forget the call to action button- It is a great way to make your website highly responsive. If you give an unique yet an effective call to action button for your customer’s benefit, then there is more chance of converting your visitors into leads.
    • The color of different buttons should be as per ideal standards- We usually prefer some standard colors for indicating particular elements. For example, the blue color is used for ‘links’ of a website or any other links and green is used to indicate the ‘go-buttons’.
    • Avoid any un-necessary detailed content- Descriptions for different products and services should be wisely written and you should always keep it simple to understand for users. For some products, a detailed description is essential, but for some, a short line will be sufficient. So don’t forget to test this essential point.

    If you keep all above elements in mind and test these aspects of your landing page, then the day is not far when you will double the traffic on your website and will turn them into leads.

    What is the importance of testing your landing page?

    The conversational rate of a website is a great mode of growing a business in a revolutionary way.  Testing of a landing page can increase the conversation rate to a great extent; hence this step should not be amiss.

    Using Automation- Using automated software can be a great help. If you try to do everything manually, they can be a big trouble because it can be both consuming as well as cost prohibitive. While doing this you will always need analytic skills to identify the overall traffic towards your website. There are many tools available on the market that are beneficial for making landing pages more responsive and conversational, it also helps in other testing details. If you use reliable and reputed automated tools you also get detailed reports for your test.

    Have a look at an example of SEMRush;

    Don’t compromise on Design- Design of your website is something that can leave a lifelong impact on a customer’s mind. Be it using eye-catchy title or slogan, using animations or images with your company’s motto, call to action buttons, a color of different spaces and drop boxes, etc.

    Airbnb has a great landing page. Have a look;

    We should not doubt about the fact that, every landing page element is essential and holds great importance for any website. Testing every element of your landing page will enable you to achieve the desired number of leads and growth rate in a proper way.


    We understood the importance of landing page for a website, we addressed how testing all important elements of a landing page can benefit a brand as a whole. Keep all the reasons to test your website in your mind and go ahead to create an iconic landing page with a high conversational rate.


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