Celebrating our International Partners on our 25th Anniversary: Andrew Nurnberg and Associates, China

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    Celebrating our International Partners on our 25th Anniversary: Andrew Nurnberg and Associates, China

    In 2017 we are celebrating the 25 th anniversary of our founding. From the very beginning, Berrett-Koehler books have been widely translated to many different languages and wonderfully received all over the world. Over the years, we have signed over two thousand foreign translation rights deals. We could not have done this without the tireless work of our translation rights agents around the globe. As part of our year-long celebration, we will be featuring one of these foreign partners every month.  We asked each of them to provide us with a few words describing their experiences working with BK.

    This month we are featuring another long-time partner: the Andrew Nurnberg and Associates Agency in Beijing, who has been helping Berrett-Koehler bring our books to Chinese readers since 2004. Led by the highly energetic Jackie Huang, ANA has doubled the number of contracts we sign in China. They are especially effective pitching our strong backlist, so we can rest assured that sooner or later most titles published by BK will find a home in China. We thank Jackie Huang, Winnie Yu, and the tireless team at ANA Beijing for all their hard work on our behalf! We asked Jackie to write a few words about their experience working with BK and this is what she had to say:

    Dear BK team,
    On behalf of  my Chinese team at Andrew Nurnberg Beijing, we extend our warmest congratulations to Berrett-Koehler for 25 years of success.

    Your achievement of INDIEFAB 2015 Publisher of the Year Award is a testament to your commitment to community, diversity, and inclusivity, which has served as an inspiration to many within the publishing community.  It has been a true privilege working with  your team.

    We started to work with your esteemed  company since October  2004 when ANA  started his new adventure in China for two years, and truly  enjoyed the work with your team who shared the highly professional spirits to support us to take the challenge from an extremely  complicated Chinese market.  The more problems we faced, the more united of our two teams. The double increasing of licenses  in China is such a reward to the fantastic team work between us.

    We wish you all the success for many more years to come. And hope that our partnership continues to flourish with time.

    Yours sincerely,
    Jackie Huang
    Managing Director
    on behalf of Andrew Nurnberg Beijing Team


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