6 Quick Tips to Boost Your Brand on Instagram

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    6 Quick Tips to Boost Your Brand on Instagram

    In today’s era, you can not ignore the power of social marketing to reach potential customers all over the globe. Instagram, with its more than 500 million users, is the preferable social network that can provide you with a great marketing platform.

    However, there is no easy button for engaging your customers or leads and getting more and more conversions from leads to customers. To get you with best social media results to boost your brand, I would like to share six quick tips here, you can use to publicize your Brand on Instagram:

    1. Optimize Your Bio

    If you are using Instagram to boost your brand value then first and very important step you should consider that your personal profile should be converted into a well-crafted and attractive business profile.

    Almost same as Facebook Business profiles, now you can go for a well-formatted business profiles with Instagram that allow users to email or text you.

    2. Avoid Posting too Much

    Always take care of your content, never overwhelm your users or customers by posting too much. Try to share balanced and quality content, it will slowly but surely make you achieve your goals of engaging your target audience on Instagram. However, there is no fixed formula to decide how many posts will work for your brand.

    Tips: Try to share mixed posts related to your products description, offers you are providing and customer focused posts.

    3. Never Underestimate Power of Hashtags

    Hashtag proved to be a very crucial and powerful tool you can use with your Instagram post to get more and more engagement, Interactions and most importantly your brand followers.

    For example, if you are running a business of cake bakery, then you can use #cakebakery for your posts on Instagram. Everybody who will search about cake bakery, will be able to see your posts along with other post having same hashtags.


    • For getting more visibility of your brand on Instagram, try to search for the most trending keywords relevant to your posts on Instagram. Use those keywords as the hashtags for your posts.
    • Instagram provides tools such as Websta and Tags to check whether your hashtags are appropriate with your postings.
    • Make sure that you have hashtags the location of your business as this will help your Instagram followers and other users to visit your photos that other people have posted for your business.

    4. Track your Target Audience Engagement

    The most important thing for your business is the engagement of the audience. You will be happy to know that there are various tools available such as

    • Tracking tools help you to find out the time of the day when the engagements about your brands is highest.
    • It also helps you to find the right keywords acquiring the most of engagements relevant to your business on Instagram. Thus it helps you to post more relevant content.

    5. Go for Social Influencers

    Are you having a good budget to promote your brand? Do you want faster results? If yes, then hire social influencer who can help you to market your brand. However, finding a right one is also a tedious task. Just go for their profiles and check if they are relevant to your industry or having knowledge regarding your industry.

    Right social Influencer will definitely provide you with a number of new followers for your brand and will enhance your brand visibility on Instagram.

    6. Reuse the Contents of Instagram

    If you are not able to produce enough content for branding your business then you can reuse the posts and photos of relevant account on Instagram. Just make sure that you have given credits to the original source.

    You can tag their profile in your posts or mention about them in your caption. Mulpix is one such great tool to find images at Instagram which you can use at your Instagram profile.

    You can follow above given tips to boost your brand on Instagram. No doubt, it is the most important to keep engaging your customers on social media as social media has become the most powerful tool for marketing your business. Never pull out your focus from the real work you have to do i.e. maintaining the quality of your product and services.


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