Everything You Want To Know About Injustice 2

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    Everything You Want To Know About Injustice 2

    Injustice 2 is indisputably a worthy sequel of its predecessor Injustice – The Gods Among Us. Moreover it is more ambitious and exciting in several aspects. Here you are not battling just to add yet another mark in the victory column but to find out with great curiosity what the next stage has in store. The developers have really done a great job in this line.

    It is true that NetherRealm has revamped its combat system in Injustice 2 in a very efficient manner. But it is not only the combat force which makes the sequel better than its predecessor; the great storyline is also quite a contributing factor so as to say. Besides, an all new Multiverse mode has also been added in which players travel across the DC universe and battle with opponents to achieve various goals.

    If you play the single player version of Injustice 2 you might be a bit disappointed because it can be completed within less than a day. But the real fun is to play the campaign in which the story gradually unfolds in 12 chapters. And this is why the Injustice 2 is distinctly advertised as a great multiplayer game. Moreover it offers the players to group up in “guilds” for accomplishing weekly and daily quests. With Injustice 2 cheats, you can get lots of free points and gems to go far in the game without much efforts.

    And the story is so arresting that you can hardly think of leaving it at the middle. Moreover by introducing Brainiac the new antagonist the writers have efficiently settled down the existing conflict between Superman and Batman predominant in the previous version. Besides, players are offered with different endings depending upon which protagonist they choose – Superman or Batman.

    If you have already finished Injustice – Gods Among Us you will feel quite at home as you play Injustice 2 because several gameplay mechanics remain the same. However many new things have been supplemented in addition such as the Gear System. The tutorial is effective enough to teach you what is new with respect to gameplay.

    As you continue playing you will keep on receiving many gears and loot boxes which can be utilized to outfit and equip your characters. Some of them are helpful in increasing your performance while others are for embellishment purposes. In addition to that the game offers you to work with the environment too.

    The graphics and audio in Injustice 2 is remarkable and better when compared to that of its predecessor. It has really worked wonder with the expressions of the characters. You can hardly find any issue with the facial animations which was in plenty in the previous version. The voice acting in Injustice 2 is quite praiseworthy as well.

    Injustice 2 offers a micro transaction system through which you can buy Source Crystals that can be utilized for unlocking premium “shaders” and skins. Thankfully they are just cosmetic stuffs and have nothing to do with your performance as a player. However you can have them free if you are quite lucky.


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