An Introduction to Quora

    Quora is a social question site that’s been receiving a lot of attention lately. Think of it as Wikipedia, but with questions. When a user has a question, he adds it to the site for other users to answer. All users can change or add questions and answers.

    Quora isn’t an original idea. Yahoo! Answers and other similar sites have been around for a while, but this newcomer is receiving so much attention that many people are calling it the next Twitter.


    How is it different from other Q&A services?

    First, it attracts a different type of user. The people answering the questions are, for the most part, experienced in the fields they’re discussing. This isn’t always the case with other services.

    Another difference is its insistence on openness. Every question and response is linked to a person. People use their real names and pictures along with a short bio. This makes it difficult to post anonymously, hopefully leading to a higher level of discourse.

    Finally, it uses Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms to help questions and answers gain attention.

    Why is it attracting so much attention?

    A main reason is that journalists are using questions and answers from the site as a source of inspiration for story ideas. This is because there is a small, high-caliber user base which gives dependable answers.

    Is it likely to become a mainstream product?

    Norris doesn’t see enough demand for a new Question and Answer site.


    Should I be considering investing time or resources in it?

    That depends on whether or not it will become mainstream and if the answers start ranking. If so, it could be an easy way to drive cheap traffic. However, making full use of the site will take a lot of time and money, which just might not be worth the reward.


    Is Robert Scoble killing Quora?

    This question focuses on user-following. Users with a larger following appear to get more following for less insightful answers. The question really is: Will lesser-known users be discouraged from providing good answers because they won’t get the following they think they should?

    Before you decide whether or not to use Quora as a marketing tool, be sure you understand what it can offer your firm and whether or not it’s worth the investment. For more information on reaching potential clients online through social media, keep referring to



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