The World’s First 24V AC Voltage AND Frequency Converter

    Perhaps you manufacture a product that must operate from the power line in multiple countries across which power line voltage and frequency vary.  Or, perhaps the primary market is focused on a certain region, but some customers want your product for use in other regions.  If your product has a low voltage motor, timing device, or other electromechanical element that depends on the power line frequency, you could be in trouble and unable to access those markets outside the region the product was designed for.

    Often, equipment requires 24V AC at either 50Hz or 60Hz to operate, depending on where it was designed.  Examples include audio turntables, sprinkler systems, security systems, thermostats, etc.  Much newer designs might be universal (at much greater expense), but many existing products are not. 

    Likewise, if you presently use a power line to 24V AC transformer, it either has to be wired differently or the unit has to be configured with a different transformer depending on where it will be used.  This is a logistics nightmare!  And even after all that trouble, it’s still a power line to 24V AC transformer.  And you know most power line to 24V AC transformers are poorly regulated, leading to problems for engineers, or over-sizing the transformer to accommodate.  Now it becomes a space issue as well.

    What can you do to eliminateall of these issues?

    What device can replace therudimentary, traditional 120V to 24V AC transformer?The world’s first 24V AC frequency converter is now available, and it’s offered call it Apollo, a genuinely innovative means of offering you regulated 24V AC. This unusual device can convert either50 Hz or 60 Hz, 120V or 240V AC to regulated 24V AC, at the precise frequency of your choice (with the flip of a switch).This voltage and frequency converter is superior to a 120 V AC to 24 V AC transformer, because it is self-regulating and independent of the powerline frequency or voltage received, and isolated--protecting the device you are powering from surges or power line deviations.  

    Considering all the benefits, the appeal of this new technology in contrast with a 24V AC transformer is clear. As a voltage and frequency converter, the Apollo is not only far more useful in a wide array of circumstances, but better for your equipment. That’s because a 120 to 24 volt transformer is incapable of adjusting for surges and power line aberrations. In fact, it’s not uncommon for many 24V AC transformers to be up to 40% off.  That means you might see 31V AC at one load, and 22V AC at yet another.That’s why it is such a challenge to deal with the traditional 24V AC transformer.

    So, if you’re looking for clean power, capable of poweringa variety of devices anywhere on the planet, go for for the newer, better technology.  Choose Apollo!

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