Best Mods for Minecraft

    One of the greatest triumphs of the game of Notch is its great accessibility; anyone can create all kinds of constructions being the limit our own imagination. But many players want to go further. They want to bypass the rules of the game and create their own. It is at that precise moment when they stop being builders to use and rise to a new level: Creating the Best Mods for Minecraft.

    And in that aspect, there are no limits either. There are mods that simply add functionality that the creator missed in the main game. Others, try to implement a totally different game and its mechanics within the own Minecraft. And the most incredible transform the phenomenon of masses into something completely new and amazing. The possibilities are endless and that is why, sometimes, you have to choose.

    1. Portal Gun

    Probably this Minecraft mod does not need explanation, but just in case it goes there: Portal Gun introduces the iconic weapon of the Portal saga inside Minecraft, so you can transport objects from side to side in the blink of an eye, or your carácter. All thanks to the magic of the blue and orange portals. It's amazing how something, so simple, can completely change the game.

    2. Pixelmon

    Another of those mods for Minecraft that does not need description. With Pixelmon, we can become Pokémon trainers in a way so faithful to the Nintendo games that even scares. Hunt, train, fight. We even have a Pokédex and a storage system via PC, if it were not enough; we can also test the power of our creatures by confronting them with those of our friends, or make exchanges to get us all. Pixelmon is a very option to take into account.

    3. Minecraft Comes Alive

    Villagers’ defaults by the game are not too talkative, but thanks to Minecraft Comes Alive will not only increase in number: you will also be able to interact with them. But do not think he's just holding talks! We can hire them to accompany us in our adventures and, if we treat them well (giving them gifts), will increase a meter of friendship that, when it reaches the maximum, allows us to marry any NPC and even have children, much like The Sims, but Minecraft version.

    4. TerraFirmaCraft

    If you are fans of survival mode, then this Minecraft mod is for you. TerraFirmaCroft alters and includes a number of elements, making the experience much more demanding in order to feel like genuine survivors. To give several examples, the sea level has been increased, as well as the depth at which we can descend in search of new minerals, and the seasons now affect the crops and their speed of growth.

    5. Optifine

    Optifine is a mod designed for what they want to get all the performance of Minecraft. Includes options to increase rendering distance, modify light effects, set fog, increase FPS or even choose the level of detail of leaves and plants. If you want to see the game like you've never done before, Optfine is undoubtedly one of the best mods for Minecraft.


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