10 Great Ways to Promote Yourself as an Author

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    10 Great Ways to Promote Yourself as an Author


    No matter the kind of books you write as an author, you need to get out there and promote them. After all, they won’t promote themselves. But have you ever asked yourself how to promote yourself as an author? You cannot be successful if people do not know the person behind the title. Here are 10 great ways to promote yourself as an author.

    1. Write A Brilliant Book

    There is no way you can promote yourself as an author if you don’t have a remarkable book out there penned under your name. Write a book and source for honest critics to ensure that you come up with something amazing. Find a good editor to review and edit your book. You need to spend some cash to come up a brilliant piece of work. You don’t stop until people finally start saying how they love your work or how it is very good. A remarkable book will sell itself through word of mouth. And, honestly, this is the best publicity that you need.

    2. Have an Up-To-Date and Attractive Website

    Your website is your opportunity to sell yourself. It should contain:

    • Links to your point of sale i.e. Amazon
    • A link for your readers to sign up to your newsletter
    • Book reviews and blurbs.
    • Your schedule of appearances.

    3. Have A Social Media Presence

    Social media is a very good platform because it gives you an opportunity to interact with millions of readers all over the world. Create a Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter accounts. Join readers’ groups, writers’ groups and book clubs in social media. Don’t just be a member. Provide interesting content in your posts. If you need research help, be sure to try some of the online writing services such as smartpaperhelp.com

    4. Create A Blog

    Create a blog. The idea is to garner a lot of traffic; people who might possibly purchase your books. Maintain it and keep it updated. Your readers should never log on to your blog, only to find the blog was last updated a year ago, the blog isn’t loading properly and even the graphics are of low quality. You need to ensure:

    • You provide links to your books.
    • A button for mailing list signups.
    • Any form of contact to reach you.
    • Previews of upcoming books.
    • Republish popular posts on topics related to your book.

    5. Have A Visual Branding

    Have a media kit which includes;

    • Professional business cards with your contact information and your recent or most prominent book on the cover.
    • A professional photograph.
    • A short biography.
    • A single page describing your book. Include a short blurb and recommendations by friends and family.

    6. Create A FAQ for Your Book

    During a book launch or book tour, the majority of the questions usually asked are similar. To avoid the repetitiveness of people asking similar questions, you need to create an FAQ. Try to answer these questions:

    • Why should you pre-order the book?
    • When will I receive the pre-ordered book?
    • Which platforms will the book be available in?
    • Is the book available in paperback?
    • When will the next book in the series be published?
    • How can I share this book?

    This will help readers understand your publishing process, locate your books more easily, and keep up to date with your book release and tour dates.

    7. Book Reviews

    You can source for reviews from individuals, magazines and websites. Ask for reviews from friends, family, and professionals. You can send reviewers a printed piece of your work or the work in PDF form.

    You can also source for reviews from websites and magazines in your field. One of these websites is Ezines. Ezines usually offer to review your book if you write an article for them.

    Another source of reviews is Amazon. Unlike the other reviews, they are highly effective since they will be read by everyone; book buyers and publishers included.

    8. Discounts and Free Promotions

    We all love free things, right? What about free or discounted books from your favorite author? You can offer discounts for the Kindle version of your book. Or offer discounts for readers who will come to purchase your book at your book tours. You can also introduce a challenge whereby the readers try to outdo each other in predicting the next chapter or book. Or simply come up with an alternative to your original ending. The one who comes up with the best creative story is awarded a free book, that you have personally signed. The best time to run promos is less than a week.

    9. Organize A Book Tour

    You can either organize for a physical or virtual book tour. A physical book tour is where you pack boxes of books and move across the country meeting readers and signing their books. This tends to be rather expensive, and that is why you should opt for a virtual book tour. You can do it yourself or through a company that offers such services. The good thing is that they will reach many people at the same time, increase your book exposure and increase traffic to your blog.

    10. Speak at Conferences and Book Clubs

    Arrange to speak at conferences or book clubs. At first, the clubs may ask you to pay to speak at these conferences since you are not well known. But with time, when the fame comes, the clubs will be the ones asking you to speak at these conferences and pay you for speaking. Prepare a 30-minute tantalizing speech, and leave 15 minutes after your speech in question and answer session. While at it, have a table at the back of the room for someone on your team to sell the books. You can also offer to speak via Skype to groups that are out of your reach.

    In conclusion, being an author is tough. You put in a lot of hours to come up with something creative, put it down on paper, edit and rewrite until it blossoms into an amazing story. Now that the book is out there, do not let it fade into nothingness. Use these 10 tips to promote your book, and yourself as an author.


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