Why Research Skills are Important When Writing a Book

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    Why Research Skills are Important When Writing a Book


    Every good writer makes sure they are informed on the topic of their novel. If you haven't learned this yet – everything you decide to write down needs to be researched thoroughly. Whatever your story is, an idea relies on sorted-out characters, plots and facts. And even though this is one of the most time-consuming parts of writing a book, it is absolutely crucial if you want it to be a good one.

    Once you perform a thorough research, you are making sure the reader is certain they are looking at the truth, even if your story is a fantasy.

    The Setting

    Location or Event

    Almost every book is set in a location or event, which is why you need to pay utmost attention to the details. If you want to achieve the best results, you must be factually correct. There is nothing that can ruin the pleasure more than finding an error done by a writer who did poor researching. 

    Even if you think that the readers will not know you made things up, someone will eventually realize your fraud. For this reason, make sure that you know the city or state your story takes place in, their secrets and history. 
    If it is an option for you, you could even go to the location and spend some time with the goal of capturing its landscape and getting to know the culture. 


    Did you choose to write a book where the story takes place in one or several time periods? 
    Regardless of the answer, writers need to be familiarized with the time of their story. Starting from the weather, traditions, dress code and cultures, every detail is important if you want the reader to imagine through your words.

    The Language

    The language used in your story is a highly important part of the book. If the book is set in the present, use language that people use nowadays. If it is set in the future, research how things would change and what will people talk about in that particular setting. 

    The Characters

    Your characters need to be researched and explained in detail. In order to write a good book, it is simply not sufficient to choose the characters. For a character to be complete, you need to make sure to include every element.

    Think of the following:

    • What do the characters believe in?
    • What are the character's interests?
    • Do they come from a particular culture or have a unique past?
    • What are the key experiences that shaped them as the people they are in your story?

    And this is not all. In order to create a complete character, you need to think of the smallest, simplest elements such as their profession, education, workplace and even the design of their place of living. 

    The Genre

    Learning about the genre of your novel will provide you with an insight into the book you are hoping to share with others. As you probably know already, different genres come with different rules and structures you must follow. Therefore, find the pattern of your target genre and follow it.
    It is always a good idea to read books in your genre and make notes about things that are similar to all of them. Once you have this information, you can apply it to your novel.

    The Audience

    Before you even think of starting writing, think and learn everything you can about your audience. Start by asking yourself the questions:

    • Who is my audience?
    • How old are they?
    • What are their values and interests?
    • Do they prefer conversational or professional language?

    Researching the audience will help you understand what is important and guide you in shaping the story.
    Writers should do as much research as it lies in their power before starting to write a book. Even afterward, the research process does not end once they start writing. For this reason, you must learn to organize your research and pay close attention to the steps discussed above. If you do this right, research will provide you with authenticity and therefore, plenty of readers.


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