The Advent of The Discount Broker

    With the extensive use of the internet across the world, there is no reason for any individual to not think of creating new channels of income. Previously, it was only the elite class which followed the concept of investments and returns. Nowadays, people from all sections of society are aware of the concept of investing their money into mutual funds and shares rather than buying real estate or gold.

    While a person’s day job might be their primary source of income, it is always a good idea to not be entirely dependent on just one stream of money. Due to an unfortunate event, one may lose their job and be rendered helpless. Having several investments will ensure that if something of this sort occurs, it wouldn’t have disastrous consequences.

    Although most people assume that the stock market is precarious to invest in, that is not the case. By exercising good judgment and with some insight in the field, it is possible to make a significant amount of money just by purely investing in shares and other securities.

    With the advent of discount brokers, only a small percentage of one’s profits need to be paid as a fee to the stockbrokers. This is known as discount brokerage. The stock market used to be populated by the wealthy and elite individuals is now brimming with people from all sections of society with the goal of diversifying their channels of income. With the rise of discount brokers, it has become easier for a non-specialist to enter into the world of investments.

    These discount brokers, however, do not give any advice on where a client must invest their money. They are more concerned with the quantity of trades made since their profit margin itself is minimal. Thus, the discount brokerage is preferred by those who have a significant investing knowledge and do not need advice on where they must make a trade.


    • It is beneficial for small businesses and those with low budgets since the brokerage charge is minimum while still offering very professional and high-quality services.
    • Unlimited trading: There is no limit to the number of trades you can make per month. You can make as many or as few trades as you wish.
    • Flexibility: Choose when you want to make trades. If you don’t make any trades in a particular week or month, there is no need to pay any maintenance fee.

    To choose a discount broker India, keep the following points in mind:

    1.    Commissions taken

    Several brokerage firms market themselves as discount brokers when in reality, they actually charge the usual amounts on a per trade basis. One must be aware of such brokers. Read the fine print to ensure that you know what the exact terms and conditions are.

    2.    Rating and Reviews

    Check the record of the stockbroker before investing any amount. By seeing their track record, you can find out if the stockbroker is competent and has the capability to give some positive insight on

    3.    Registration

    Ensure that the stockbroker you choose is a member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange. They must also be registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India.



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