The process of valve replacement in a nut shell

    Heart valve replacement is a procedure where the heart valve is being replaced with an artificial one. Normally you will 4 valves in the heart that are responsible for pumping of blood. They go on to circulate blood around the body. If there is a defect in the heart valve it does cause the flow of blood to move forward or backward. It would mean that it flows in the opposite direction that it is meant to be. It would point to a variety of problems like chronic pain or heart failure. There are chances of congenital heart defect which may arise at the time of birth as well. You cannot rule out the possibility of heart valve disease as well.

    As far as a surgery is concerned it happens to be an open one. Here you go on to remove the defected heart valve. This would be made of a new material and either it is biological or mechanical in nature as well. In case of the former it is taken from a pig and then it is inserted on to the human heart. Here you do require the presence of donor valves. This tends to last for around 15 years. After that you would need to replace them as well. When it comes to the mechanical heart valve it goes on to replicate the same heart functions and you go on to replace it. Here you need to be aware of one point is that you would not need to replace them in any way.

    You would need to stay in the hospital for 7 to 10 days at the most. If you compute the average stay in the hospital it works out be around 6 to 8 weeks at the most. Once the surgery is over you need to ensure that the heart condition happens to be stable before you plan to return home.

    The surgery does not happen to be a straight forward process. As a patient you would need to undergo a series of procedures before you opt for the procedure. You would need to be part of blood tests, X rays in order to confirm whether you are suitable for the procedure or not. Then in the two weeks after the surgery, the patients are asked to stay away from any form of medicines as well. If you are into smoking you would need to stop it on an immediate basis as well. Before the surgery does take place you will be asked to sit for a couple of hours so as to provide you with general anaesthesia.

    If you are a patient who is suffering from any complex condition it is advisable that you seek a second opinion. This is before you begin the module of treatment. The doctors are going to view the entire medical history of the patient, and a series of reports. This would enable you to find out whether the valve replacement cost in India is on the lower side as well.


    brown linda

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    June 8, 2018

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