5 Killer Ways to Find Great Topics for Blogging

    Creating a successful blog takes hard work. Attracting a large audience that frequently visits your blog is an achievement that takes time to amass. Given this time investment, there are moments when blogging topics become elusive. When there are no newsworthy events unfolding in your industry, or when all the great ideas have been explored, there is nothing left to blog about. Not making any posts is unacceptable. As a successful blogger, you have this duty bestowed upon you to deliver great content to your audience. Sure, if your blog is built on your passions, inspiration hardly runs scarce, but even then, it’s no guarantee that you’ll have profound ideas every time you want to make a post.

    Fortunately there are ways to find great topics, and here are some five.


    Check out all latest trends

    There are always trending topics in any industry. There are resources that can help you uncover what these are, such as Google Trends. Social networks also experience these trends, and with Twitter especially, it is easy to see what these are. Should all these fail, try online magazines in your niche, to see if you can draw any inspiration from there. If necessary, reach out beyond your niche.


    Visit Blog Forums

    Forums are seen as platforms that users can use to voice their ideas, thoughts or questions concerning different topics. There are those forums that attract many posts and replies. If in your niche, trending forum topics can give you an idea of a blog topic.


    Follow the leading blogs in your industry

    Every industry has that one blog that happens to rule them all. It attracts the largest audience, and enjoys authority status. These blogs get a lot of creative input from so many different people, so topics are always in abundance. By subscribing to their RSS feeds you are updated on what topics are current.


    Create regular features

    Regular features are beneficial for several reasons. They let you know what you have to write about long before you actually have to. Also, they attract a repeat audience, which is one of the accomplishments blogs hope to make. The regular feature can be a news wrap-up or even a special guest post.


    Seek previous posts

    When all else fails, try going through posts you made in the past. If you don’t get inspiration, you can redraft an old post, supplementing it with new knowledge you have acquired since you first wrote it





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    August 9, 2018

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