Importance of Language As we know that language is the basic source of communication in real-world scenarios.

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    Importance of Language

    As we know that language is the basic source of communication in real-world scenarios. It’s a source and medium of sharing something and communicate with others to convey our ideas and thought. The world’s famous persons say that it’s a single way that makes us human and separate from the animals. There are thousands of national languages that based on the regional culture.

    Importance of English Language

    Nowadays, English become the international and most used language in the real world, business market, education sectors, etc. Basically, English was the language of England. The British peoples did unreachable historical struggle to make this language better to better. After all, by the efforts of British empires, English spread in the touching areas such as United States, Australia, Canada and more. It becomes the language of Business, Hollywood, and Banking. Because of educational and business concerns, English becomes a most used and necessary language to know. It is the most common language for the person of distinct areas or countries.

    Importance of Language in Educational Career

    Everyone knows that the main and most used communicative medium in education sectors is also known as English. A small and hidden area also teach English books nowadays. There are a lot number of books that are written in English, even somehow there are many books that translated in English due to the popularity of English language. The usage of English language becomes most significant in our life matters and concerns. Many of the Governments and organization uses English as their formal Language to complete paper works and carry out all the job related tasks as well.

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    General Tips to Write an Effective and Efficient Essay

    • Set the time to write, Because you cannot write ad effective assy within in 10-20 minutes. You have to give a time slot to read and understand essay before start writing. Splits the main idea into some definite parts and make a market research on the topic.
    • Before you start writing, choose the right place where you easily can sit and write without any disturbance. After all, left everything behind and start writing without consuming that you’re writing is good or bad, or what have written. Don’t forget that you can make changes and improve your content later.
    • As you know the thesis is the most important factor in essay writing. It is used to summarizes the main or position of your essay within only one efficient line. Everything, every sentence of your essay should belong to your thesis straightforwardly. So that a reader can easily understand the written by reading one line of your thesis. Place your thesis also in the first line of your last paragraph of your essay.
    •  After writing the thesis of your essay, write the effective introduction of your essay using capturing words. So that reader keeps studying and cannot lose focus while reading your essay. You can make your essay catching by telling about the person’s quote, citing some facts, etc.

    At last, conclude your whole essay, this is the last chance to make the last impression on your reader. The main purpose of your conclusion is to impress the reader by summing up whole the essay’s content in one paragraph, not to introduce any new ideas.

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