We all make mistakes and learn from it as there are no serious consequences of them.

    We all make mistakes and learn from it as there are no serious consequences of them. But there are certain mistakes that can prove costly for us. The process of applying for a medical school is one of them. Often students who are not familiar with the process commit grave blunders that prove costly for them in the long run and they are unable to get an admission in one of the best Caribbean medical schools of their choice.

    The process to apply for a medical school is very detailed and extensive but if you’ll keep the following 6 aspects in mind then you’ll be better off.

    1. Applying to Few Med Schools

    There is no reason that you may apply for just 2-3 med schools. Applying for a certain number of schools can be instrumental for you in getting the admission in one of them. If you’ll get rejected by all the 2 or couldn’t pass the test, then you will have no choice but to apply for the admission at the time of new semester or next year. That can prove costly for you as you’ll lose one precious academic year. The average number of US students last year sent around 16 applications to med schools so you could learn from this example.

    2. You Need to be a Highly Competitive Student

    If you think that you are among just a few students in your city who have applied for an admission in a med school, think again. In the period 2017-18, over 51,000 students applied for a seat in US med schools and the number is also high for Caribbean medical institutions too. hat’s why you need to apply to caribbean medical school very carefully. It is a known fact that the number of seats on offer are few so you need to be a competitive student and must show this while applying, during the test and interview to earn a seat at any med school.

    3. Personal Statement which is Good for Nothing

    You may think of the personal statement written by you as something out of this world but upon close inspection by any elder, it may turn out to be plain average. And that’s one reason that you won’t be able to make it pass the admission process. You need to present something meaningful to the admission panel so that they’ll be able to know some aspects about your personality or extra-curricular activities that is not present in your application.

    4. Don’t overdo the Admission Process

    Another glaring mistake by the students is that they sometimes try to overdo whatever is required of them. Let me give you the example of the personal statement that I have just mentioned. If you’ll write a long essay type of a statement mentioning you were among the brightest students in your city but your records won’t match it, your case will be out rightly rejected. Don’t overdo the process or tell lies. Be honest and try to paint a solid picture of yours.

    5. Taking the Interview Process Lightly

    Another mistake which is downright silly, don’t take the interview process lightly. If you are invited for an interview, take this as a very serious opportunity to impress the interviewing panel and make sure that you give it your best shot. The interview is your final chance to make it through to the admission process, so prepare for it as if your life is dependent on it. Take it lightly and you will fail miserably in it as the interview is taken by people comprised of highly experienced teachers and educationists.

    You don’t stand a chance against such seasoned professionals so make sure that you are on top of your game and give the interview your best shot.

    6. Lack of In-Depth Research for the Med School

    You need to learn everything about the med school you are about to get admission in. It is important because if you will pass out the test and interview and offered a seat at that school, you must be aware of each aspect about it and be able to make your decision if you want to study at that place or not. The location of the med school, its faculty, number of students and several other factor need to be determined in order to make sure it is the perfect institute for you to pursue your degree in medicine.



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