Getting Success through Failure Stories

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    Getting Success through Failure Stories

    Failures are a part of life. The failure stories of successful people drive us towards working hard to achieve our aims of life, and not losing hope.

    Failures are a Part of life

    Success and failures are a part of human life. Where there is success, there is failure too. One cannot ignore this fact. It is a very painful experience for everyone to fail in any part of life. People become dejected and hopeless in case of worst and biggest failures of their life. Individuals think that everything is lost, and there is no need to remain alive, as some failures are great setbacks for some people. Sometimes, a person works very hard, but fails in the end and becomes hopeless. Some fail in marriage related issues while others fail in the professional field. It’s part of the game.

    Failure Stories, as a tool of success

    The greatest thing to do for a man is to learn from the mistakes of the past. Very few people do that, but whoever does this, always succeed in any part of life. Here are some of the failure stories of some of the successful people around the world;

    1. Bill Gates

    He is the richest man in the world. He is considered as the most successful person in the world, but even for this success, he alsohad faced some failures in his life.He saw his company namely Traf-O-Data, crumbling in his early career life. His product was a device that took a look at the traffic tape and after that, the data was gathered. This idea and his product were badly flopped in the world. But he didn’t lose his hope and worked hard to achieve success in his life.Today, his Microsoft Corporation is the world’s largest software company. That is all because he had learnt his lesson from his failures.

    2. Arianna Huffington

    She is the Chief Editor of the famous newspaper Huffington Post. Her major setback was the rejection of her book which was also her second published book. Her book was rejected up to thirty six times, but she was not hopeless at all. She continued her struggle and today, she is the President of a newspaper.

    3. Stephen King

    He is a book author. One of his novel was rejected thirty times in his career, and he was very hopeless. At that time, his wife forced him not to quit the field and continue to work, and after all, he succeeded and he was acknowledged for his work. He succeeded in getting 350 million copies of his different books to be sold. This is the power of learning some lessons from the failures of life.


    All these success stories, after back to back failures, imply that no one is free from failures in his or her life. Failures are not a matter to be worried about. Failures come in order to make you rise speedily. Therefore, losing hope and thinking that everything has finished for you in this life, is not a wise thinking.

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    This idea and his product badly flopped inside the global. however he didn’t lose his hope and labored tough to gain success in his lifestyles.nowadays, his Microsoft employer is the world’s largest software program agency. Do My Assignment for Me A few fail in marriage-related troubles at the same time as others fail within the expert area. It’s a part of the sport.

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