How To Be Safe Online This Christmas Season

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    How To Be Safe Online This Christmas Season

    ‘Tis The Season, ‘Tis The Reason?
    Although Christmas is considered to be a Christian celebration, a Statista survey carried out last year indicates that over 95% of the American population across the various religious divides plans to join in the festivities nonetheless. And with this penchant for the celebrations, which usually spans from Thanksgiving and climaxes at New Year’s day, comes a meteoric increase in retail activity. Going by the same survey, the holiday fever sales during this period alone account for an astonishing 19.2 % of annual income accrued by retail companies!

    A Deloitte survey last year further breaks down the figures to prove that the internet is indeed an unrivalled platform for holiday shopping. The study’s findings place the World Wide Web at the top of the summit as substantiated by about 50% of the sampling population that was in going to use it in one way or the other. Department stores, which come in a distant second at 43%, have been overthrown for the top shopping destination spot and the same survey outlines that this shopping trend is set to reach an all-time high during this year’s festivities. And this scenario is going to be replicated across various nations the globe over.

    Dangers Lurking In The Internet’s Shadows

    This increased internet traffic during the Christmas season comes as good news to not only eCommerce retailers but also malicious individuals who see an opportunity to cause harm and make an easy buck. As a result, the festivities are synonymous with countless cases of credit card fraud and identity theft. Criminals like phishers are also on the look and use the smokescreen of replica website link emails to pull one over on the gullible shopper.

    For hackers, this rush is something akin to the wilder beast migration with them taking up the predatory role of hungry crocodiles lying in wait below the murky waters of the Serengeti and us being the unsuspecting animal with sour luck. 

    Another possible avenue for threat also manifests in the form of auxiliary internet linked gadgets like toys or office accessories which are the weak links to the chain of an office or home network. Their security protocols are limited and quite frankly easy to maneuver and as such could be the gateway to other secure devices in the network with crucial financial details.

    How To Stay Ahead Of The Cyber-Crime Holiday Tide

    So it’s no longer just a season to be jolly but also worried. However it's not all bad news as with the right practices you can manage to dodge the hidden dangers that come with Christmas. And how exactly do you stay safe while shopping online? Well the answer is simple and as follows:

    1) Be wary of public networks without passwords
    We all love a good public WiFi connection because it is easy on the pocket and simple to use. However, this kind of network offers the perfect setting for cybercriminals to thrive in because of the anonymity and not so effective security protocols of such systems. Therefore, conduct your shopping transactions over a private secure network where it is safe and easier to trace responsible parties.

    2) Make payments through secure platforms
    Secure payment means such as PayPal and MasterCard are the options to go for if you want to make an online purchase as they are usually protected by uncrackable buyer security features. In the same breath, be careful of those dealers who require cash up front and advocate for a cash transfer only.

    3) Do not open email advertisement links
    Phishers most rely on the trick of deceptively concealed email adverts that link back to a fake website that mimics that of the company purported. So if you see an offer you like via email proceed directly to that particular store’s official website

    4) Change passwords of Internet-connected gadgets
    A merry Santa Claus, a talking elf or any such like accessories are never missing on the list of decorations to go under the Christmas tree; however, like previously established, they pose a significant cyber threat. To get around this, change the maiden passwords of such devices as soon as they arrive at your doorstep.

    5) Check for “https” 
    A shopping website without this feature is one you’d want to stay clear of as, without it, your financial details can be easily obtained by a third party. The s stands for “secure”, and that’s exactly what you’ll get on an “https” platform. 

    6) Play it safe
    As a general rule of the thumb, stick to already established retailers like Amazon and suchlike entities with good reputations under their belts. You can never go wrong with mainstream platforms.

    7) A good antivirus is of the essence
    An antivirus is tremendously important as a great deal of your internet’s security hinges upon it. And just any antivirus but one that has a proven track record, implores the latest technology and is adept at protecting PCs from computer hacking and data theft. So what antivirus has all these qualities embodied into one package: Norton Antivirus.

    Symantec Against Hacking And Data Theft

    Symantec Inc, the internet security software giant since 1991, is on the fight against malware, computer hacking and data theft. Its moto, “to protect every internet-connected device”. Its long line of products under the Norton brand, is our best bet at circumventing the nuisance that is cybercrime as it is built to combat the latest in evolutionary hacking technology.

    Here’s exactly all you need to know about the world’s leading internet protection tool:

    Basic Features

    • Norton incorporates the planet’s best round the clock monitoring security system.
    • It has an advertisement and notification free interface; you won’t get those pesky relentless notification messages urging you to sign up for a higher package.
    • Keeps at bay online threats such as malware, viruses and spyware among many others
    • Seamless changeover during package upgrades i.e. new features are incorporated straight away
    • Norton is embedded with a global security network.

    Pricing and Coupons

    As at the moment, Norton has slashed the price tag of the antivirus by $ 30 to bring the cost down to $ 19.99! Moreover, there are plenty of coupons up for grabs as detailed in coupons sites:

    • $70 off Norton antivirus coupon on the Security Deluxe for 48 months!
    • $15 off coupon for mobile devices i.e. mobile package of Norton antivirus
    • $70 off Norton antivirus coupon for the MSRP Norton Security 5 D
    • $65 off Norton antivirus coupon on the first 12 months maiden subscription option

    And these coupons are just but a tip of the iceberg as there are many more coupons in store so now is the best time to get yourself a true antivirus and internet security champion like Norton. 

    Well, there you have it folks, a complete breakdown of what the ocean of the festive season washes ashore every year and how to ensure you are not counted among the “duped” once the holiday storm dies down. Abide by these simple tips and your Christmas holiday will turn out just the way it should always be: merry and cheerful.


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