5 Things to Consider When You're Hiring A Software Outsourcing Firm

    Are you looking for a software outsourcing firm you may be little confused about how to go about it when there are so many of them in the market? If you are thinking about software development company near me would be perfect or what are the things that will make your job easier then the article will help you find out 5 things to consider when hiring a software outsourcing firm.

    Location is what you should look for first

    Before you actually hunt for an outsourcing firm, think about the location that you want to search specifically. For example, if you feel the software Development Company near me can be the best option then search accordingly. There are tons of software outsourcing firms available globally.

    As communication can be a concern for building healthy outsourcing relationships, many people try to find the companies that are in the same area/zone which is a good idea. Also, some other factors like inflation rates, cultural similarity, and geographical vicinity are also important.

    Price and quality

    Like any other sector software development industry also has price and quality system. Price and quality should go hand in hand still software outsourcing firms are categorized into two categories

    • Firms who offer Price in the first place
    • Firms who give preference to quality


    You can choose according to your preference. The outsourcing firms that are priced based will offer a fixed quote for the software project you want to assign them. Such firms are basically focused on transactions than trying to build a relationship in long run. Their main skills are to search for resources and use them quickly to get clients.

    On the other hand, the outsourcing firms who give priority to quality are little expensive and are choosy about the kind of projects they want to work on. Still, they prove to be a good choice for the projects that are mission oriented and complicated. The reason is that they work on projects following a timeline and believe in having long term relationship and rather do not accept any projects for a fixed price.

    Those who focus on quality spend the considerable amount of time, efforts, and resources to train their team and work under the supervision of experienced person so that the project is well-executed and the submission is done on time.

    Take a test

    Each of the software outsourcing firms has own set of expertise and trait. There are a set of questions that you can ask on phone to ensure that the firm you are going to deal with is cultural, methodological and well-behaved. Some other questions that you can ask are

    What will be your approach to the entire software development?

    The answer should include words that you are looking for like prompt communication, timely delivery, understanding the business needs, quick solutions etc.

    What is your past experience in handling software outsourcing assignments?

    Make sure you learn about the clients that the outsourcing firm has worked with and whether their services were beneficial for the clients. Ask them for 2-3 references and make sure you are not the first client of the software outsourcing firm.

    What you think are the threats in a relationship where software outsourcing firm is involved and how you handle them?

    This will help you understand the actual experience of the vendor and the aspects they value in a project.

    What are your key areas that make your company different from your competitors?

    Try to measure the most striking points of the outsourcing firm in their own horizon plus if the company has made an investment in adopting new strategies.

    You can also ask business development personnel to accompany you during the call so that he can measure the level of relationship from his perspective. You don’t need to get into technical details more before you could find that the outsourcing firm is a perfect fit in terms of cultural aspect, methodologies etc.

    Meet the person from outsourcing in person

    Based on the location you determine you may be able to meet the person personally or you may not. Well, meeting in person would be helpful to know the person well and judge what exactly they can offer.

    When you talk over the phone or say online, the business person involved in the project may show you what they want to, but while you meet them in person, you will have better opportunity to ask them everything you want to know one to one. The transparency will be more and a clear understanding of the software outsourcing firm is what you will get through the personal meet.

    If there are a plenty of requests on your desk received from a number of firms, each explaining how they can cater to your needs then a site visit would be the ideal option to know about their expertise and weaknesses.

    Communicate after your decision is final

    After you finalize a software outsourcing firm, it doesn’t end your job here. After the firm is finalized, the vendor also has to arrange a team to work on your project. It may take a month or two to do the additional set up which could involve some investment to train the team understands your business.

    So make sure you set your mind for that extra time for your project to start. The time invested initially to learn the requirements for your business would help finish the entire project smoothly


    With a plenty of software outsourcing firms available all over the globe, it won’t be a good idea to rush into selecting the right firm. Your decision should be backed by different aspects that are essential to choosing the right firm. With a little bit of patience and research, you can have your software ready to go within specified deadlines. Make sure you do not fall in prey for new firms in the market. Take time to find out about professional firms so that you get the best.


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